April 4, 2011

delayed: day 28 things you have been eye-ing on but havent got the chance to own it

hello hello again :)
long time didn't update since my last post yarh?
sorry for not religiously blogging for the past few days?
and sorry for the delayed post for my 30days blog challenge.
if you know me, procrastination is my very common habit :D
so, i did some spruce up a bit for my blog.
which it is still white and simple. but i like it.
simple yet adorable i might say. (perasan)
and i left huge space for the post width. 
and i add some more pages as you can see the link on the left side of you.
ok enough talking crap. lets head to the blog challenge! yeah.

what i have been eye-ing on but haven't got the chance to own it? 

hurm, i must say i am greedy.
if things i wanted and i say i want it, i will add the thing on my desire book list.
and re-think of it later.
Jonathan is the one who will always tell me to re-think about what i want and start to do a budget in order to get it.
yes. some of my desire are fulfill but yet more to come.
here is some of things i have the most desire of to own it.

i can say i am obsessed with this thingy.
i love the polaroid effect.
i owned Piji, yes it is instant camera too.
but i want this wide series too. haha.
greedy? yes i am, thank you.

my handphone now are still functioning except for the camera which malfunction last year.
yes very sad. i like taking picture using my handphone. 
but, anyone please give me an Iphone? 

and last but not least.
DSLR camera. Canon 550D to be specific.

off to day dreaming. ^_*v

2 mumblings:

beaty said...

550 skg turun hag lagi kalo body kit ja 2199 (lebih kurang la)..sama hg ngan sa punya EOS 2011 yang sa beli last year

keykho said...

wah...msh mahal lagi beaty..hahaha :D sy tidak sabar ni mau keja :)

btw..thanks for the info beaty! appreciate it much! hihi

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