January 26, 2011

my Piji born today!

i was deeply in love with lomo graphic effect camera.
then i saw this cute polaroid camera.
then lagi i saw from old friend or mine used this kind of camera on her engagement day.
then i truly deeply fall in lurvee...!!
i fall in love with this cute instant camera.
since then i really want to have one of those camera.

today! 25 JANUARY 2011
my fujifilm instax 7s mini..BORN!!..si piji
below are some of his picture!! hehe

si Piji sama si Patty

bermain bersama Piji

5 mumblings:

♥CHU♥ said...


Nina Manson said...

What a cute camera!

keykho said...

chu..beli la jg..trus kt sama2 ada hehehe

nina! it is cute! come buy one! hehehe

beaty said...

cute ni..ada lagi lomo camera yang kiut ni..tu pun best jua..

keykho said...

ya..byk lomo best2 o :)

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