April 27, 2011

sing to me: L.O.V.E Girl!

hello! happy Wednesday :) 
how was your day today? 
mine? ugh. pretty not-so-awesome.
well, started from this Monday, i was assigned to do my practical session at Operation Room at Hosp.Tuanku Fauziah Kangar.
so as much as you know, all the pakar-pakar surgeon do their best to bedah people.
yes, cut here, cut there. 
and as for me, student who suppose to study can't do anything.
we can only watch from far like 1-2 feet away.
because it is sterile procedure. 
and futhermore, we can't sit.
we have to stand up at all time like a drip stand. 
but, it is pretty amazing when you watch live procedure that you might never seen it before.
but yes, it is very tiring. 
i can feel how the surgeon feel when they do their job. 
especially ortho surgeon which tukul-tukul tulang, gerudi, skru and bla bla bla. 
the most simplest procedure i've seen is, remove cataract.

ok enough of my nonsense. 
actually, i was doing my research a few minutes ago.
but then i get the tension around my head so i decided to do my daily blogging :) 
so today is wednesday, so i'm gonna share one song that i am currently hearing now.
kalau tension atau sakit kepala trus sy dengar ni lagu :)

enjoy with me :) 
i bet this song was created by Jung Yong Hwa cause he miss SeoHyun..huaa..
i miss this goguma couple :( 

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April 25, 2011

inspire me: thank you Armstrong!

that is what my first impression when i read Armstrong commented on my post 

he gave me this funny picture but SO very true! 

now there ladies, all of those sort of thing going on in our head are exactly like that above ain't it?
but, is it eating too much chocolate are kind to our body?
nope. it can lead us to Diabetic honey.
now, gossiping is one thing here. 
we suppose to reduce more gossip.
it is not good to others and to us because its lead to negative impression and FITNAH.
so reduce a bit please. less gossip, less problem. haha 
but, i admit that this mystery moods and behaviors are something that we cannot predict.
sometimes wake up in the morning we are like a princess, but then without any storm or something we girls can become worse than a giant big fat tiger. like tsunami i guess? 
whoa..a lot of thing has to be reduce kan? like shopping, you know la, shop wisely.
and bla bla bla.
but amidst all, here's the thing that matters.
be kind to yourself and others 

and starting this day and ahead 
don't think anything but, 

oh yes! i am very inspired! :) 
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April 23, 2011

heartwithin: susah kan jadi perempuan?

i am questioning myself this question like uno zillion times oredy.
why us Girl are so difficult? 
hard to handle?
wibezie wibgaze zito zitss?
hard to understand like above?
bebla bebla bebla..da da da da..? 
ugh. tired with all this abysmal quest. 

 i am definitely number 7! 

but ignore all of this please. 
join me enjoying this cutie pie singer Maddi Jane :)
her voice is pretty awesome.

hehe..i might have the answer to my little title quest. 
susah kan jadi perempuan? hell craps! we girl are awesome!
so anybody who have this kind of question? 
get your butt out there and fuckin enjoy n appreciate yourself more! hell yeah! 

enjoy yourself. happy weekend! 
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April 22, 2011

Hello Vintage: Marilyn Monroe

tell me..who's here didn't know who is Marilyn Monroe? 
i am very sure, each one of you who drop by here know this vintage icon.
this blonde bombshell was probably a celebrated actresses ever.
her birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. 
it is really sad to know about her life.
but look on a positive side. 
she is an inspiration to all of us. :)  

famous quote by Marilyn:
"i am selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. i make mistakes, i'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" 
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April 20, 2011

sing to me: the troggs

i really took a long vacation huh?
never mind. let us be happy with this little vintage song :) 

i really need to have a theme or what is it called? so that i can keep on track with my blogging session aren't I?
hurm..lets see..
i love if i have the inspire me. sing to me. hello vintage. what else?
ok here is how i'm gonna manage it.
on Monday, i will do the inspire me thingy.
since its Monday..so we expect to have something that will inspire us to live along the whole week ahead right? 
yea yea..quite good decision hehe

so on Wednesday i will do the sing to me session..
so that will probably keep me on track so that i will have something to post here on my blog right? haha

last but not least. 
hello vintage. 
where shall i put these?
hurm..sunday? nahh..
i put these on Friday. yea. 
Friday is a good day :) 

ok! done. i will make a note bout this thing. hehe.
hopefully i will not miss this out since it is my challenge haha :D 

ok then..enjoy the song :) 

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April 14, 2011

simply because: its Thursday

Laughter is the BEST medicine.
happy Thursday all!
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April 13, 2011

heartwithin: where is the love? special for *fuck sabah* group.

Good morning and Happy Wednesday all! 
i am very happy when i woke up this morning. 
i don't even know why. 
it is better that way isn't it? 
but a few minutes ago anger, pain, sad, pity, hatred, disappointed run through my emotion.
why? because of this:

why do these group created in the 1st place, whats in their mind? 
i am totally agree with Cinoi 'Education is Important' 
tanpa ilmu di dada kita mudah jatuh. 

to make this matter solve let us all together report this group. 
i did this awhile ago right after i read post on Wasaber
so you Sabahan or a concern Malaysian should do this too.

here is how: (i copy pasted it from Cinoi)

1. Go to Fuck Sabah group.

2. At the very bottom of the page click Report Group

3. Click on Contains hate speech or attacks an individual > Targets a race or ethnicity.

4. and YOU ARE DONE! 

nota kaki kepada Sabahan, jangan lah simpan di dalam hati. 
kadang kita manusia pandai buat kesilapan dan tidak lari dari kesalahan.
sebagai orang yang ada ilmu dan iman di dada pasti tidak akan membuat perkara sebegini.
perkara ini hanya memburukkan lagi keadaan.
adalah lebih baik kita hanya berdiam diri dan membuat perkara yang patut kita lakukan.
bertekak di laman tersebut pasti mengundang rasa dendam dan benci yang lebih.
oleh itu, sebagai manusia yang punyai akal dan fikiran mari kita bersama-sama mencari penyelesaian dan pencegahan agar perkara ini tidak menjadi semakin teruk dan paling penting, perkara seperti ini tidak berlaku lagi. 

peace no war. 

let us be reminded again with this song :) 

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April 10, 2011

sing to me: quizzical

i remember this song back then where my cuzzie Steph sang to me like when i was 13? 
i fall in love to this song. it so honest :) 
my cuzzie sang this song playing with the guitar.
and i want to sing this song really badly.
that's where i force myself to learn play the guitar.
and i found it was easy.
tapi sekarang saya lupa suda chord dia dan tidak dapat main :D

sing with me :)

i don't even comb my hair 
when i woke up in the morning 
i always been like that 
my clothes are on the floor
and i just don't have that time to put them back

ladida da da
ladida da da 

is this that you truly want for a girlfren?
or am i just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?
don't go breakin my heart 
i think very deeply and i hold you very dearly from the start

so why do you still love me?

i'm so useless in the kitchen 
and my cuisine are lousy
it makes you want to curl
my toes are awfully huge 
and i am not just a stuff that makes a girl 

ladida da da
ladida da da


pardon me..i'm quizzical
pardon me..but i'm quizzical
pardon me...i'm quizzical

i don't even call you baby 
cause that's what i call my dog 
it would have sounded funny and so strange
don't expect me to be crawling over you 
for maybe i am just poor unromantic 
so why do you still love me? 
why do you still love me?
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inspire me: ooh, i heart these.

i love pretty pretty things.
tell you the truth, i am not that creative handy girl.
but when i see pretty things especially DIY things.
it inspired me. :) 
yeah. it does trigger my spirit.
like these one i saw on my daily blogwalking.

meet Heather.
i peeked on her Creative space.(she posted about it)
what a gorgeous and awesome space she had :) 
i wish someday i might have like hers. (in my dream)

there is no place more comfortable then where you belong. 
i love her fancy Etsy handmade shop :) 
go visit her. 

oooo, i am inspired! 
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April 9, 2011

banyak masa lapang? terai test la ini. LOL

selamat malam dan selamat sejahtera.
bertemu kita sekali lagi dalam rancangan saya pada kali ini.
eh? maaf maaf. ada kecelaruan fikiran sebentar tadi.
ok, saya terjumpa post fadzmie ni.
seperti seronok.
oleh sebab itu, saya pun try la haha.
mungkin sebab saya terlalu banyak masa lapang kan :) 
(yg sebenarnya research belum siap la)
nah, mari kita lihat. 
permainanya mudah sahaja. 
pilih mana mengikut kategori
kemudian sambung ayat tu. 
saya mahu buat ni sebab mahu tengok apa hasilnya nanti.

1. Ambil ayat dari bulan korang lahir:
January  - aku sepak
February - aku lompat atas
March - aku karate
April - aku cium
May - aku terajang
June - aku peluk
July - aku buat sardin dengan
August - aku makan dengan
September - aku menari dengan
October - aku menyanyi dengan
November - aku jelir lidah kat
December - aku lari keliling

2. Ambil ayat dari hari lahir korang:
1 - burung hantu
2 - makluk asing
3 - public phone
4 - basikal aku
5 - lelaki salji
6 - gangster kampung
7 - mobile telefon aku
8 - hantu jepon
9 - kawan baik nenek aku
10 - kawan lembu aku
11 - cikgu lama aku
12 - kerbau ayah kawan aku
13 - ahli bomba
14 - lembu mak aku
15 - kambing ayah aku
16 - kapak mak aku
17 - lesung batu
18 - pedang aku
19 - lelaki lembut
20 - tikus adik aku
21 - ninja
22 - Chuck Norris
23 - mee kari adik aku
24 - kambing aku
25 - pemain bola sepak
26 - buaya
27 - ayam serama
28 - ipod aku
29 - kucing engkau
30 - kutu rayau
31 - hantu jepun

3. Ambil ayat dari hujung tahun korang di lahirkan:
1 - di dalam kereta aku
2 - di atas katil engkau
3 - di dalam jamban
4 - di bawah katil
5 - di atas motosikal
6 - di bawah jambatan
7 - di atas bumbung rumah
8 - masa makan atas meja
9 - semasa jalan2 cari kucing adik aku
0 - di dalam bilik tokwan

4. Ambil ayat dari color yang korang suka:
putih - sebab aku suka macam tu
hitam - sebab aku memang degil
Pink - sebab aku memang terer
merah - sebab ade suara yang bagitau aku
biru - sebab aku seksi dan aku boleh buat
hijau - sebab aku betul2 serius nak lakukan
Purple - sebab ada orang suruh
kelabu - sebab aku tak boleh control diri aku
kuning - sebab ade orang ofer aku 10 rm
Orange - sebab aku pikir aku bijak
cokelat - sebab aku memang boleh buat
lain2 - sebab diri aku seorang ninja!

hasil saya:

aku menari dengan lesung batu semasa jalan-jalan cari kucing  adik aku sebab ada orang suruh.

mesti orang yang cipta ni sangat kreatif semasa bosan kan? hihi
kamu pun try la :)  
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the ABC's of me~*

the ABC's of me :)
hello hello peeps. 
its Sabbath :) so happy Sabbath! 
ok, i've seen couple of blog do this ABC's of me thingy.
it does look fun to me.
so yeah here i am decided to do my own ABC's and might be embarrass myself a lil' bit. :D

Age: i am 22 this year :)
Bed size: single
Chore you hate: sweeping, ugh and laundry.
Dog: ugh. i have zero. but i want one though!
Essential start of your day: MILO! be energized :)
Favorite color: Violet.
Gold or silver: i say BOTH! but i am still student, so yeah obviously i will go for silver. yes too bad. wait till i earn more. 
Height: 5'1" (i guess?) oh yes i love heels.
Instruments I play (or have played): piano and guitar. but i only know one song with both of em. LOL. 
Job title: Student of Assistant Medical Officer. :/
Kids: in my womb, future. 
Live: you mean now? Alor Setar Kedah.
Mom's name: Sinah
Nickname: kiko, tukori(my grandma called me that) 
Overnight hospital stays: couple times I guess. I have a very bad Gastric.
Pet peeve: rude people.
Quote from a movie: 
anna= hey baby, what's your sign?
kate= Cancer
anna= you're a Cancer?
kate= no, i'm Leo.
anna & kate = but I have Cancer.
my sister's keeper.
Right or Left handed: i am right.
Siblings: Elly and Roslin. yes, sisters rules.
Time you wake up: i wake up at 6.35 if i am working at 7. if i am not working. ahem. you know.
Underwear: none. duhh! what is this question? i am wearing underwear of course. 
Vegetable you dislike: Balsam Apple or Bitter Gourd or more famous PERIA! 
What makes you run late: still sleeping while the alarm buzzing. wait, is that an answer?
X-ray you've had done: chest X-ray. to see boobies. whoooopsie :D
Yummy food you make: i love my corn soup and oh, kek batik.
Zoo animal: tiger? duhh...

okay. i'm done! so it is YOURs turn now.
link it up to here. on comments :)  

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April 7, 2011

Delayed: day 30-> photo of yourself today and 3 good things that happened in the past 30days

my photo taken today :)
haha..not edited at all.
ugly little pimple.
huh. bad pimple! bad!

ok. 3 good things happened to me for the past 30days++
1. i went to Langkawi.
2. i completed my driving license. finally. i can drive!
3. i learned how to manage trauma cases :) 

yeah finally my 30 days blog challenge are over kikiki :) 

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April 6, 2011

Hello Vintage: Audrey Hepburn.

she love ballet.
she was an actress.
she was a devoted humanitarian.
she was an icon on Fashion and Style.
Audrey Kathleen Ruston 
4th May 1929 - 20th January 1993

no doubt, she is totally gorgeous.
i found her fashion are really awesome!
i love to see her eyes.

lovin her picture? 
be mesmerized more in herehere and here

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