April 23, 2011

heartwithin: susah kan jadi perempuan?

i am questioning myself this question like uno zillion times oredy.
why us Girl are so difficult? 
hard to handle?
wibezie wibgaze zito zitss?
hard to understand like above?
bebla bebla bebla..da da da da..? 
ugh. tired with all this abysmal quest. 

 i am definitely number 7! 

but ignore all of this please. 
join me enjoying this cutie pie singer Maddi Jane :)
her voice is pretty awesome.

hehe..i might have the answer to my little title quest. 
susah kan jadi perempuan? hell craps! we girl are awesome!
so anybody who have this kind of question? 
get your butt out there and fuckin enjoy n appreciate yourself more! hell yeah! 

enjoy yourself. happy weekend! 

3 mumblings:

Armstrong said...

Memang susah jadi perempuan... Haaha because it's very hard to predict women heehe.

Here's something funny for you ;)

Nina Manson said...

Hope you are having a good day!

keykho said...

hahaha! thank you ah armstrong tu link kekeke :) i like it..mmg susah bha jadi pempuan..kan kan..

nina :) hope you are having a good day too! :)

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