April 5, 2011

delayed: day 29 three random photos youve taken three years ago

so we're playin' numbers here huh.
3 random photos i've taken 3 years ago.
tell you honestly.
most of my picture taken years before are gone.
it is because i formatted my previous lappy because of virus attack.
but i do keep some of 'em.
here they are :) 
pictures i taken 3 years before.

taken on my 1st semester here studying in Kedah.
my hair still short at that time.
we are on our way to pekan. 
me together with Jacq, Pang and Kay.

this was taken on 06.06.09
we were playing at the playground church.
such childish we are :) 
from right, osheeta, ana and jacq

my fella classmate.
on our way to class.
senaman pagi :)

p/s: all pic are taken using my handphone camera (^_*)v

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