April 20, 2011

sing to me: the troggs

i really took a long vacation huh?
never mind. let us be happy with this little vintage song :) 

i really need to have a theme or what is it called? so that i can keep on track with my blogging session aren't I?
hurm..lets see..
i love if i have the inspire me. sing to me. hello vintage. what else?
ok here is how i'm gonna manage it.
on Monday, i will do the inspire me thingy.
since its Monday..so we expect to have something that will inspire us to live along the whole week ahead right? 
yea yea..quite good decision hehe

so on Wednesday i will do the sing to me session..
so that will probably keep me on track so that i will have something to post here on my blog right? haha

last but not least. 
hello vintage. 
where shall i put these?
hurm..sunday? nahh..
i put these on Friday. yea. 
Friday is a good day :) 

ok! done. i will make a note bout this thing. hehe.
hopefully i will not miss this out since it is my challenge haha :D 

ok then..enjoy the song :) 

2 mumblings:

Del Glamiva said...

Hi there, Glamiva here. Thanks for following me Kieko! =)

keykho said...

ur wekam glamiva!! hihi :)

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