August 30, 2010


as a proud Malaysian..we free from terrorist for 53years now.
all this years Malaysian achieve our most desire in conquering the future.(i bet)
well in just a few hours, the loud MERDEKA! must be explode somewhere..
i must say that i am proud to be Malaysian. and i love Malaysia..

happy MERDEKA days people! 

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August 27, 2010


should i..or should i not?

jonathan said..he is done with celcom broadband..
connection are too low for him and wanted to switch to Digi.
and now i am sharing with my rum8 for the wimax..and currently the connection are also suck!
and jonathan suggested that i should take back the celcom
but I also afraid of the low connection..seems youtube,donlod wyg bla bla bla.. are my most greatest way to waste my time...and oh!~of course yes..blogging and reading others blog.
so...i am in a big dilemma.. :(
can i be ok with the connection of in future?...hah!
there will be another post on complaining about celcom connection then!  Read Full Post

August 26, 2010

sunshine ~@

i am not totally exhausted today.
seems shopping is one of my hobby haha..mentang2 la hari ni elaun.mmg tidak ingat dunia.
i encountered my list and already bought what i needed the most.
still lust uncontrollable..there's lot of things need to be considered.tamak o manusia kan.ihh.
i am happy today..cause:

1.Katak (alif fauzi) beat the cupid. finally seeing and dating someone else. which awkward for me at first cause seeing him as a matured man already.hahaha. adeii tulung la kiko, besala ba tu kan. celcombill only RM18.20. AMAZING. well. haha. terlalu jimat suda sy ni bulan.

3.will proceed on taking my driving license..yeehaa..

last but not least!

4.bought me a novel entitled WHAT THE DOG SAW.

yay!! cant wait to read it :) hehe... Read Full Post


what should we do if not spent it all? 
savings? use..
but do have budget ya..don't go hutang there hutang here. 


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August 23, 2010

mama..lumangad oku dika.

i cannot forget my mother, she is my bridge.
when i needed to get across, she steadied herself long enough for me to run across safely. ~

my mother is chubby, small body. but a gigantic heart. a heart so lovable that everybody joy founds welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation. ~

21.08.2010,pm: mama admitted wad..high fever, vomit..swelling leg..

----> i am far far away from nasib baik la my sister there.
----> apa yg sy mampu..tanya perkembangan terbaru dari kiding.(sister)

22.08.2010,am(i called):

----> kidding ckp ada kena bg dextrose 5%..due to pekak thought on medical goin wild in my own imagination..saying science term with my sister who is just an english teacher..i thought that mama got blood sugar examination..suddenly without hesitation i'm on my way for the conclusion that my mama might have diabetic problem..there there,terlalu risau suda sy :(

----> and si kidding pun terima ja with my statement because maybe she thought that i knew better..but I WAS WRONG! omg.dat's why la doctor tidak bole bedah their own family.thats what happening to me.

----> and i spoke to my mama..she's sound healthy (but actually not, she's trying to make me feel better. and i started crying.) then she said..'aiya yo, knpa nangis..mama sihat bah.'

22.08.2010,pm(i called):

----> kidding said mcm ada infeksi dlm air kencing dia n d dlm darah.. i am quite blur actually, because they not so sure what type of infection.

still on going treatment in the ward, but mama ingat mau balik rumah suda. :( how i really wish i am there taking care to her now. 


god bless her.
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annoying! irritating!

itu la saya.
bikin panas.
self centered.

there's some incident happened last night.
it boil me up.
sy tanya kamu.
barang2 yg ko simpan baik2..
ko mau kena kacau ka?
tidak kan?
ya...menyusun dan mengemas adalah satu perkara yg AMAT BAIK.
tp perlu ka letak sembarangan?

that is what i hate the MOST
scattered all over bha my stuff.

hormone changing lagi..nah ambi la kaw sy jeling2 tiap2 hari.

nah..bgini la sy..satu perkara bole effect suma benda hidup.mati d sekeliling sy.

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August 16, 2010

heritage singers

i always love this singers perform live..
even their album hold the greatest song ever..
with their combination of hymn can blown you away while listening..
i just downloaded their Silver Anniversary Collection -complete- 
and i just LOVE IT! ~@

this 1 i love the most..


If you could see
What I once was
If u could go with me
Back to where I started from
Then, I know you would see
A miracle of Love that took me
in it's sweet embrace
and made me what I am today
an old sinner
Saved by grace

Im just a sinner
Saved by grace
when I stood
condemned to death
He took my place
Now I live and breathe in freedom
with each breath of life I take
loved and forgivin
backed with The living
I'm just a sinner
Saved by grace

How could I boast of anything
I've ever seen or done
how could I dare to claim as mine
the victories GOD has won
where would I be
had GOD not brought me
safely to this place
I'm here to say I'm nothing but
a sinner
Saved by grace

I'm just a sinner
Saved by grace
when I stood condemned to death
He took my place
Now I live and breathe in freedom
with each breath of life I take
loved and forgivin
backed with a living
I'm just a sinner
Saved by grace

Now I live and breathe in freedom
with each breath of life I take
loved and forgivin
backed with a living
I'm just a sinner
Saved by grace
Saved by grace 

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August 11, 2010

romeo n juliet

i'm on vacation today(not the real vacation tough), 
today is the 1st ramadhan so thanks for being in here(kedah) that we have our cuti. hehe
soo bored actually because of having nothing to do instead tgk wayang, tidur, makan, etc etc
facebook pun aduhh.....bored ody.
so..while in this msg2 with jonathan..
GOD only know how much i miss him..
he asked me: buat apa syg?
me: teda..mau buat blog tapi tidak tau mau ckp apa..teda ilham.
him: bha..cari ilham la syg..b rindu ney.


i know...i know...there's no need for me to blog about this kann...
but i can't help it..he is always soooo adorable to me every minute.
there's lot of lot of lot of things he said to me that always blown my heart away.

i love you forever jonathan!

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August 10, 2010


i am doolittle but i do a lot!

she is an amazing singer.
i think i like her better when she sing LIVE.
older 1year than me, she is sure had set her goal.
as for her 1st album i really love it a lot! 

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sepa yg ada anak buah??
msti kiut dorang kann???
trus bikin rindu dorang kann????
bikin ketawa kan dorang????? rindu bha sama budak2 nakal..
rindu mau teriak2, marah2, sakit kepala, geram, gerigitan, mau ketawa etc.
nanti mau tingu baby sy yg ke-8..baru lahir yg bulan7. 

uiiiii budak2 sy rindu kamu..jgn kamu nakal2 arh..belajar kmu bek2...

here is their beauty catchy pic..cntik2 dan ensem2 besalah ada baka sy kan..hahaha 

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August 1, 2010

its august!

ladies n gentleman.

i wanna wish u all happy friendship days!..
this is for you.

as years goes by..there is nothing left except your family and friend..
i love u all...muah!! happy friendship day!! yeah Read Full Post
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