August 2, 2012

Pop pop pop!

hello hello salary! 
teehee..since working, salary is what i always waited every hujung bulan. 
since bergaji ni ofcos all the cravingness to own this to own that are encountered. 
but then my gaji is not the beriberi tinggi one and because of that i have to limit my cravingness. *sigh* 
ehh no point talking bout that. 

as for your info, just nice to know, and i am sure you know, we penjawat awam who just started working have to wait for about three months to be paid! 
yes..bekurap juga skit while waiting. but its all worth it when you login to your account and see $_$ 
yay! i've got mine last month and directly bought my parents ticket to sandakan for my convocation, a little to bank account for savings, pay all the hutangs..and most important i bought Mr.Pippon! 
before i was eyeing Samsung Galaxy II, Note and HTC gadget. 
i discussed this matter with Jonathan and he said that he love more android and suggest me to buy android too. 
but somethings pop in my head that why must we buy same gadget, how about different other than android and i thought, yes i buy apple iphone! 
and i browse iphone price and GASP! it was expensive and i said to myself i really couldn't afford it! 
but anyway, i just bought it. with a huge gulp and blink for 5seconds i bought it! 
on Tuesday 3rd of July 2012, at CCM shop Fajar Tawau, i bought Iphone 4s white 32G and name him Mr.Pippon. 

Mr.Pippon with his girlfriend Ms.Peaches and her friend ice cream bun

but my old friend here was not neglected, he is still be loved and always remembered for accompany me for almost 4years! i love you Mr.Pilver 
hooffie got my old fella! 

guys! do you still remember Mr.Piji n si Patty? 
heee, Mr.Piji got new friend on 31st of July 2012. his name is Mr.Poppie. 

just two film used. Mr.Poppie are waiting for Mr.Palzer arrived in tawau then all of us will have fun for just two days :( sodihh

anyway, when i purchased mr.poppie which 1weeks earlier, i immediately fall in love with this polaroid camera! stunning! 

cantik kan! tp mahal @_@ ugh. anything possible bha if you really want it? yes?
till next post kawan! :) 
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