March 28, 2011

day 27: wishes

oh my oh my.
like every common people, i've been daydream since i was in mum's belly.
there's too much wishes.
but wishes that good for me is to have a good life ahead with God guidance. 
but let me tell you a secret.
i am a very forgetful person.
even a person i just met this morning i will forgot easily their name.
i don't know why.
so in case i forgot all my dream, hopes, wishes etc etc.
i compacted it all into one tiny book.
so whenever my wish came true, i just crossed it out.
that's mean i fulfill my dream.

but i do add some in my blog :) here

here it is my little book
life is what you make it, and you make it really happy!

4 mumblings:

gunsirit said...

yeah, i have the tedency to forget ppl's name sometimes..ehhe

keykho said...

yeah! we're same! hihi

Anonymous said...

short term memory loss.. stml.. my girl having the same prob.. btw, nice tips to have a small notes

keykho said...

oh i see :) stml..hihi..thank you..there's a lot girl like me huh..taught i was the one kahkahkah :)

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