April 18, 2012

Wednesday Love

its 11.30am already and i haven't cook yet. 
i will be working pm shift today. that of course start at 2pm
i realize one thing for sure as being a staff. 
you have a responsibility and OH the time is extremely fast forward. 
one second its Sunday, and in one second Sunday again.
but for today. 
come enjoy this short drama by JinnyboyTV, which reflect us the memory while being a kid.

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April 16, 2012

I am no longer a student.

hello friends. 
its been a while since my last post. 
i've been busy since i am not able to be on the line. 
not to mention the whole preparation on where to submit this paper, that paper, where did i have to lapor diri. 
well i did successfully overcome all the obstacle and manage to set foot here in Tawau where i will be finishing my Program Penempatan Wajib for 6months.
YES! i am here in Tawau :)
of course i am at first a little bit disappointed when i first know my PPW.
but at least i am here only for 6months.
and after that i will be working at Hosp.Tuaran :) weee! 
Tawau is not that really bad.
here got Mcd, KFC, Vincci, Big Apple and so on.
at least i may not be craving all of this stuff for 6months! 
it is a long journey to come here. 
well for at least 9hours from kota belud to tawau, it is of course very tiring journey along with sardin, cramped car. 
my brother-in-law manage to send me with a smile before 8am. 
you can see from this map below how far our journey was.

again i will confirm Tawau is not really bad. 
as you see, there a lot of places where you can visit here. (at least if you have a car)
i really wanna visit Maliau Basin and Island surrounding Tawau. 
if i have a chance, i might wanna take Diving License :) 
till next post kawan :)
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