January 31, 2011

kau tunggguu arhh~~

KOLA color filters

Macro lens for piji

hey both of u above! don't go anywhere.
i come and fetch you in a little while.
don't be naughty!
prepare yourself to meet Piji.
and please be kind with Piji's carrier as well.
behave! watch you manner.

*sinyum-sinyum sambil gosok-gosok tangan* miahahahaaa
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January 30, 2011

damn, u made me miss myfiance!

i am always be update about this couple and i would say DAMN they look good together.
i hope you two get married and happily ever after!
same goes to me n si shinchan..hehe :) 

anyway..i just watched their new episode on We got Married (sweetpotatodays) and they made me miss Jonathan more.


why sandakan that so far away? 

i wish now i could hear his stupid joke :(

i miss you my cutey bestie Shinchan.
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dear march, i beg you to come fast!

please, please, please la March.. 
i want you! 
need u really!
desperate for you..

can't wait to have piji on this

and one more thing.

myShinchan birthday.

psst psst...hey..shinchan i mean my lover. not elephant..NOT! NO..ah uhh!!
so please january and february..it is not that i hate you..i love you both..really! 
i will not forget the new year we celebrate on 1st JANUARY.
hence never will be valentine on FEBRUARY the 14th be bloated out from my mind.
could you both be nice for me? *big banana smile* 
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January 26, 2011

minta maaf, saya mau memaki.

semua perkataan jahat,lucah,bodoh keluar..with a lot lot lots of exclamation sign behind.
which i hate i hate still..I HATE YOU..
apart all the ward at the hospital i have been..
u give me shit, i give u flowers.
u give me stone, i give u hug.
u give me bullshit for the 100th time..i feel like i wanna admit to the psychiatric ward due to depression.
i am soo sorry..but hey U ULAT! u r such a tension-givers..why you like that haaa??
are you congenital evil?

makan kau budu banyak-banyak..
jangan kau ingat kami ini tiada perasaan bah budu.
kami pun ada telinga yang tidak tuli.

terima kasih kerana membaca.
sebagai pesanan..ini bukan khas untuk anda..ini khas istimewa untuk ULAT obesiti.

hakcipta terpelihara.
saya yang menurut perintah.
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my Piji born today!

i was deeply in love with lomo graphic effect camera.
then i saw this cute polaroid camera.
then lagi i saw from old friend or mine used this kind of camera on her engagement day.
then i truly deeply fall in lurvee...!!
i fall in love with this cute instant camera.
since then i really want to have one of those camera.

today! 25 JANUARY 2011
my fujifilm instax 7s mini..BORN!!..si piji
below are some of his picture!! hehe

si Piji sama si Patty

bermain bersama Piji

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January 15, 2011

i take a vow to drive safely now.

yes! i am and will drive safely!
i promise! 
i will be ready before going anywhere.
i will make sure all are safe before setting go.
i will be super duper ready in every little tiny aspect.
and of course..as Oprah deeply concern now..i take a pledge to not 'text'ing while driving.

p/s: sy belum dapat lesen L (^o^)v

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January 5, 2011

i wish i had a creative brain.

ever since i was a little girl i had a dream to have a skillful hand which can make old and ugly things to be a useful and cute things.

back in my kindergarten years, my classmates i guess?, drew a beautiful fish and other creature of sea. it was such a colourfull paint i ever see. i was so jealous. i couldn't do like what she did. she did very great. even my teacher compliment her for her great work. i bet my other friend also wish could do like hers.

i am never be able do something so beautiful like that. even the most beautiful paints i can drew, i just manage to have C+.

till now. i am still a jerk for something that so creative and beautiful. i don't have that talent. but i really wish i had some of the handy hand that can turn anything to be such cutey and lovely thing..OH i just only can wish!

even now..i am thinking of renewing my blog background and trying to learn on photoshop on how to create something cute and adorable.

but..I CAN'T DO IT :(

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