April 25, 2011

inspire me: thank you Armstrong!

that is what my first impression when i read Armstrong commented on my post 

he gave me this funny picture but SO very true! 

now there ladies, all of those sort of thing going on in our head are exactly like that above ain't it?
but, is it eating too much chocolate are kind to our body?
nope. it can lead us to Diabetic honey.
now, gossiping is one thing here. 
we suppose to reduce more gossip.
it is not good to others and to us because its lead to negative impression and FITNAH.
so reduce a bit please. less gossip, less problem. haha 
but, i admit that this mystery moods and behaviors are something that we cannot predict.
sometimes wake up in the morning we are like a princess, but then without any storm or something we girls can become worse than a giant big fat tiger. like tsunami i guess? 
whoa..a lot of thing has to be reduce kan? like shopping, you know la, shop wisely.
and bla bla bla.
but amidst all, here's the thing that matters.
be kind to yourself and others 

and starting this day and ahead 
don't think anything but, 

oh yes! i am very inspired! :) 

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Anonymous said...

the brain lobe thingy is kinda true.. haha..~ visiting here dear~

keykho said...

yup..very bery berries true! hihi :) thank you! come again ya kikikiki :)

Armstrong said...

OMGosh... thanks so much for mentioning me. And I love your title :P because of that title, you inspire me too to keep the blogging spirit going on. Thanks!

Haaha funny that you mention chocolate and gossip... and the moods and behaviour is so true wakakaaka.

And thankfully you didn't mention anything about the guys... pwhewww ;D

Armstrong said...

Na ambi ko LOL

gunsirit said...

Quite inspiring..esp the male brain hahah...SEX seems to be dominating others..

keykho said...

armstrong! thank you! sweet o kena balas balik hihi :)

guns: ngihihi...tidak brani sy mau ulas pasal lelaki :)

Fantastic Ajane said...

wah so true la.. lagi2 yg makan coklat hahha... paling besar...

keykho said...

hahaha..FA..mmg...kalo stress ja cari coklat..stress ja..coklat jg kena cari kan hahaha

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