August 2, 2012

Pop pop pop!

hello hello salary! 
teehee..since working, salary is what i always waited every hujung bulan. 
since bergaji ni ofcos all the cravingness to own this to own that are encountered. 
but then my gaji is not the beriberi tinggi one and because of that i have to limit my cravingness. *sigh* 
ehh no point talking bout that. 

as for your info, just nice to know, and i am sure you know, we penjawat awam who just started working have to wait for about three months to be paid! 
yes..bekurap juga skit while waiting. but its all worth it when you login to your account and see $_$ 
yay! i've got mine last month and directly bought my parents ticket to sandakan for my convocation, a little to bank account for savings, pay all the hutangs..and most important i bought Mr.Pippon! 
before i was eyeing Samsung Galaxy II, Note and HTC gadget. 
i discussed this matter with Jonathan and he said that he love more android and suggest me to buy android too. 
but somethings pop in my head that why must we buy same gadget, how about different other than android and i thought, yes i buy apple iphone! 
and i browse iphone price and GASP! it was expensive and i said to myself i really couldn't afford it! 
but anyway, i just bought it. with a huge gulp and blink for 5seconds i bought it! 
on Tuesday 3rd of July 2012, at CCM shop Fajar Tawau, i bought Iphone 4s white 32G and name him Mr.Pippon. 

Mr.Pippon with his girlfriend Ms.Peaches and her friend ice cream bun

but my old friend here was not neglected, he is still be loved and always remembered for accompany me for almost 4years! i love you Mr.Pilver 
hooffie got my old fella! 

guys! do you still remember Mr.Piji n si Patty? 
heee, Mr.Piji got new friend on 31st of July 2012. his name is Mr.Poppie. 

just two film used. Mr.Poppie are waiting for Mr.Palzer arrived in tawau then all of us will have fun for just two days :( sodihh

anyway, when i purchased mr.poppie which 1weeks earlier, i immediately fall in love with this polaroid camera! stunning! 

cantik kan! tp mahal @_@ ugh. anything possible bha if you really want it? yes?
till next post kawan! :) 
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July 15, 2012

Its only the beginnig of life

Woke up late for my convocation ended up with messy braided bun.
 But i thank God for the blessing all run smoothly and yes my convo is not the end but its only the beginning of life. (*✪ฺ◡✪ฺ)b✧ฺ

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April 18, 2012

Wednesday Love

its 11.30am already and i haven't cook yet. 
i will be working pm shift today. that of course start at 2pm
i realize one thing for sure as being a staff. 
you have a responsibility and OH the time is extremely fast forward. 
one second its Sunday, and in one second Sunday again.
but for today. 
come enjoy this short drama by JinnyboyTV, which reflect us the memory while being a kid.

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April 16, 2012

I am no longer a student.

hello friends. 
its been a while since my last post. 
i've been busy since i am not able to be on the line. 
not to mention the whole preparation on where to submit this paper, that paper, where did i have to lapor diri. 
well i did successfully overcome all the obstacle and manage to set foot here in Tawau where i will be finishing my Program Penempatan Wajib for 6months.
YES! i am here in Tawau :)
of course i am at first a little bit disappointed when i first know my PPW.
but at least i am here only for 6months.
and after that i will be working at Hosp.Tuaran :) weee! 
Tawau is not that really bad.
here got Mcd, KFC, Vincci, Big Apple and so on.
at least i may not be craving all of this stuff for 6months! 
it is a long journey to come here. 
well for at least 9hours from kota belud to tawau, it is of course very tiring journey along with sardin, cramped car. 
my brother-in-law manage to send me with a smile before 8am. 
you can see from this map below how far our journey was.

again i will confirm Tawau is not really bad. 
as you see, there a lot of places where you can visit here. (at least if you have a car)
i really wanna visit Maliau Basin and Island surrounding Tawau. 
if i have a chance, i might wanna take Diving License :) 
till next post kawan :)
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January 15, 2012

hiatus for a??

yes it is, maxis line here in my kampung are not very satisfying. 
digi also like that not to mention celcom! :( 
i am very sad at this moment. 
i'm updating my post at my sis house. 
tomorrow i want to deactivated this BB since if i were to used this i might gone bankrupt. (giggle) 
i mean, rugi la bha kan if still use this BB but then tidak dapat online.
so yeah, bubye maxis. and hello to nothing. 
i was very upset recently to know that our kampung does not have the streamyx cable.
we got the cable for telefon biasa only. 
aigu!!! hmph! (long sighed heard i you were beside me)
maxis,digi,celcom and even streamyx all cannot be used in my kampung.
HODOH sangat pula kampung saya ni? 
kenapa itu orang2 kaya telecomunication tidak pasang basar2 menara dorg sini dpn rumah saya?! haiya!

so friends. i am not updating my blog this few days or weeks perhaps, but if i am very desperate, saya rempuh tu CC sana KB hehe. 
till then, jumpa lagi nanti ah. SOB SOB :(  
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January 12, 2012

Jonathan love Lusni?

i joined one contest this month. 
it is just because the prize are too tempting! 
but i know it is not easy as it look. 
at first, yes i thought that this is just easy like snapping your finger. haish. kacang baini, kunun! 
if i can hack kan..mau juga main tipu o. but lets see la kan.
kalau ada rezeki tu ada la :) 
so guys. help me like our photo. but first have to like the main page first k? hee...
thank you very much! 

and your DONE! thank you 

p/s: the admin got it wrong with my name. Lusni is my soon-to-be Father-in-law :D 
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January 11, 2012

expanding the love

at last frens i subscribe maxis broadband. 
terima kasih la ada trial 7hari. 
so that's mean i can at least see how was it the line di kampung.
right now i am at my sister's house. which is area putatan. so of course the line is ok. 
the day after tomorrow baru dapat check di rumah. 
finger crossed. harap2 ok la kan itu line. 
and pray also so that saya rajin2 la update blog hehehehehe :) 

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January 3, 2012

CBG, my first blogger gath attended! (at last sy update)

hello semua! long time no see. 
i miss you, and i know you miss me too.
i am recently pemalas to update my blog. i've got the idea what to blog but then when it comes to express with word, me stuck. 
its three days since new year guys! 
2011 was so much miracle to me so i hope 2012 will be as gorgeous as miraculous 2011 ait! 
so today i wanna talk about my first blogger gathering! :) 
i have the desire long since i started blogging to meet up face to face with the other blogger. 
so here comes my chance when Aki and Okayarms who the mastermind of this event to actually grant my wish. which of course to meet you :) 
i have so much fun that day despite the late buying present, late attend and so on so on and on. 
i am late not because i forgot but let me tell you. 
it was 12noon when me and Jonathan (or Adam Levine which fellow blogger such as Tom who i think didn't know his real name hehe) went to Servay Putatan to buy some beverages for the event. 
but then suddenly my sister who on that time studying at IPG Gaya called me to brought my celcom broadband to her because she had to use it for her assignment. 
so me and him drove back to home and fetch the broadband. and you know what? my sister called again and ask me to buy papaya, pisang panjang, reload celcom and digi and not to forget nasi goreng ayam. hahahaha! 
and so i have to buy all of this thing. 
but then lagi. she called me and ask me if i already bought nasi goreng ayam or not. so fortunately i didn't buy yet the nasi goreng so that she suddenly change the order and asked me to buy KFC lunch treats instead. what an appetite she and her friend had! hehe
so we drove to IPG Gaya. it is almost 2.30 when we arrived at her hostel. 
thanks to my sister generous heart she gave me big tips for helping her hehehe. 
and it is almost 3 when we arrived at the venue. but then i forgot to buy present for the exchanging gift. and again we drove back to the nearer superstore. and bought the present (which Chegu Carol got) 
i didn't know what to buy already so i just pick up considering the price which rm30 is the max. 
i am very ashamed with my gift that i am afraid if Chegu Carol open it up in public..weehehe.. 
here a some of the pic along the event :) 

arrive and take picture 

shery and her sister and amoi aka sasa tien arrived. i am sure they had much to tell about how their journey to the event :p 

piring pun bole bha jadi kipas! hehe

happy faces 



aren't we cute? 

aigu...Arms tertapuk di belakang :p

the mastermind. ops sory shery. di bawah ada cantik sikit muka ko hehe

Lengan KUAT! armSTRONG ehe

reks aka akiborneo..kekeke..pose dia ni ah.

kami balik dulu :( tidak sempat ikut games. 

makan makan

with gorgeous Chegu Carol! she is so sporting!! 

cute Aemy :) aigu...kiut oo!! all of this time love to read her blog and this time meet her face to face..indeed kiut!! 

Beaty.. :) beauty o..

ok. i wanna apologize to others blogger. why? 
as i say tadi di atas. i am pemalas. so..i didn't manage to see others blogger who said will attend for the gathering. and that i didn't really know others. jadi saya manage begambar dgn org yg terkenal la ni kan? hehe.. 
i am so sorry. next time i will made a list of who others blogger and will greet them first of how i love to drop by to their blog (azam baru ka ni?)  hehe
so then. i really hope there will be another gathering! 
and that time i will be the most prepared ever! aisehmennnn.. 
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