April 9, 2011

the ABC's of me~*

the ABC's of me :)
hello hello peeps. 
its Sabbath :) so happy Sabbath! 
ok, i've seen couple of blog do this ABC's of me thingy.
it does look fun to me.
so yeah here i am decided to do my own ABC's and might be embarrass myself a lil' bit. :D

Age: i am 22 this year :)
Bed size: single
Chore you hate: sweeping, ugh and laundry.
Dog: ugh. i have zero. but i want one though!
Essential start of your day: MILO! be energized :)
Favorite color: Violet.
Gold or silver: i say BOTH! but i am still student, so yeah obviously i will go for silver. yes too bad. wait till i earn more. 
Height: 5'1" (i guess?) oh yes i love heels.
Instruments I play (or have played): piano and guitar. but i only know one song with both of em. LOL. 
Job title: Student of Assistant Medical Officer. :/
Kids: in my womb, future. 
Live: you mean now? Alor Setar Kedah.
Mom's name: Sinah
Nickname: kiko, tukori(my grandma called me that) 
Overnight hospital stays: couple times I guess. I have a very bad Gastric.
Pet peeve: rude people.
Quote from a movie: 
anna= hey baby, what's your sign?
kate= Cancer
anna= you're a Cancer?
kate= no, i'm Leo.
anna & kate = but I have Cancer.
my sister's keeper.
Right or Left handed: i am right.
Siblings: Elly and Roslin. yes, sisters rules.
Time you wake up: i wake up at 6.35 if i am working at 7. if i am not working. ahem. you know.
Underwear: none. duhh! what is this question? i am wearing underwear of course. 
Vegetable you dislike: Balsam Apple or Bitter Gourd or more famous PERIA! 
What makes you run late: still sleeping while the alarm buzzing. wait, is that an answer?
X-ray you've had done: chest X-ray. to see boobies. whoooopsie :D
Yummy food you make: i love my corn soup and oh, kek batik.
Zoo animal: tiger? duhh...

okay. i'm done! so it is YOURs turn now.
link it up to here. on comments :)  

4 mumblings:

lilies.john said...

mo try! bsok la kali.. after church.. hehehe

lilies.john said...

mo try! bsok la kali.. after church.. hehehe

keykho said...

yeah shery! hihi..ok nanti ko tarai kikiki

eLeY khAzRyn said...

read iT on mine....:)

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