April 10, 2011

sing to me: quizzical

i remember this song back then where my cuzzie Steph sang to me like when i was 13? 
i fall in love to this song. it so honest :) 
my cuzzie sang this song playing with the guitar.
and i want to sing this song really badly.
that's where i force myself to learn play the guitar.
and i found it was easy.
tapi sekarang saya lupa suda chord dia dan tidak dapat main :D

sing with me :)

i don't even comb my hair 
when i woke up in the morning 
i always been like that 
my clothes are on the floor
and i just don't have that time to put them back

ladida da da
ladida da da 

is this that you truly want for a girlfren?
or am i just someone you find pretty cute for a good time?
don't go breakin my heart 
i think very deeply and i hold you very dearly from the start

so why do you still love me?

i'm so useless in the kitchen 
and my cuisine are lousy
it makes you want to curl
my toes are awfully huge 
and i am not just a stuff that makes a girl 

ladida da da
ladida da da


pardon me..i'm quizzical
pardon me..but i'm quizzical
pardon me...i'm quizzical

i don't even call you baby 
cause that's what i call my dog 
it would have sounded funny and so strange
don't expect me to be crawling over you 
for maybe i am just poor unromantic 
so why do you still love me? 
why do you still love me?

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