July 30, 2010

wishuponthestar ~@

though i may not have the talent to make pic as beautiful as i want it to be..
but i do..i really badly,madly want nikon camera pls.. :(

ok..budget to own this cam are about 3k huh...(just estimated)
100 a month should take me about..lets see...100 x 30months..
fuh...thats another 2 and a half years!!
loan should be the best answer! hahaha...

---->bsyukur la dgn kamera hp 3.2mp..  Read Full Post

July 29, 2010

Dear John ~@

this is not for jonathan..it is john stand alone..

actually, couple of hour ago i watched this movie.

and week ago i decided to buy this novel..but i didn't..(cause i found Lee's)

but since i watched it..so, the novel on the wishlist had been blotted out. 

when i watched this movie it doesn't make my tears drowned heavily like i watch Naruto *blush*

but it does takes my breath away.. *smiled*

love the soundtrack of the movie Little House by Amanda Seyfried..

i am sure for those who loves to watch LOVE STORY ..this is for you ~*

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gypsy betch

i just lurve this!

rosi golan :)

check out the beautiful clip of her...
love her voice..  Read Full Post

July 28, 2010


apa kunu?
dei..sy pun tidak paham apa tu...
bahasa inglish masi otw kasi bagus..
tidak bha.
kambang2 skit bulu roma sy..
tpau sinsitip.
taam nokuro ti.
kalo ada yg tidak ok seja..trus sy rasa tidak ok.
mcm ombak tu mood..

p/s: i'm still human..not perfect at all..i know. Read Full Post

when will u get married? :)

hehe :) according to plan...another 2years from now..kalau teda halangan la hehe.

what?some crappy question?bring it on...! hehe

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July 12, 2010

lazy vs loser.

he is currently very lazy with his assignment but yet afraid of being a loser..so pathetic.

p/s: he is not a boy.

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July 9, 2010

i want it! i want it!

yes i really want it! i want LG hp!
i'm bored already with my phone.
there's problem here, problem there! 
give me money!! i want LG chocolate!!!

mood: tdak besyukur pya budak.
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July 8, 2010


above: me getting ready :)

mak andam: Angie Giena..my cousin :)

above: arrival of prince charming...pheewit :p

above: tgn menggigil..ehehe

above: cincin berat 10 kati..haha

above: cincin utk dia..(dui senyuman sy pya la)

above: tiramisu cake. nyum nyum

above: father n future father in law :)

above: mama, me, jonathan, bapa (jgn heran..mmg gitu kalo boliau bgmbr ^^v)

above: jonathan's family..ops ada mama sy tesesat 

above: gorgeous Ting2, beauty Pamela, lovely Marcella n semboi Bonzy

above: aduh lupa nama, caring D.K Norhalisa n cute Edu ^^

my engagement day 13th June 2010..
may god bless. <3
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i love film that take my heart away when i watched it...
take me to the scene that vulnerable..
take to where ever that it might take me..
SUPERNATURAL really did their job very well..
love the fact that they are chasing some bad devil..
love the fact that Sam did anything to save Dean his brother..
and really love both of them! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are really awesome!
they really are actors that i admire! oh i wish i could see them and hug them.. ^^v

->kieko kokok is crazy watching this drama (CD si sarah :p) Read Full Post

July 7, 2010


i plan to buy books this coming July..try to fit my time to read a book ^^
so people...help me to make sure that i buy a book and finish it :)

p.s: still wondering what best book...any suggestion? Read Full Post

July 5, 2010

10 reason why i chose MA as a career.

the 10 reason why i chose MA as my future career.
[wpun bukan pilihan pertama dlm kerjaya :(....]

1. gaji besar (bole la cukup makan haha)

2. dapat cucuk org guna jarum..ngeehehe..

3. dapat ubat free..~itu oo kan...~ [yg sebenarnya usha org farmasi minta ubt] :p

4. happy to see people get better after their visit to the hosp.

5. love to see the part that cannot be seen in public *wink* :D

6. proud to show people that i am holding stethoscope (maka budak2 pun pakai2 skrg)

7. i'm surround by great people ( cthnya:doktor ensem..ehem!...people who just recover from huge illnesses..etc)

8. can do my own health examination.

9. dpt tengok DEAD PEOPLE...wahahaha...

10. last but not least...i am looking forward to do post mortem..haha...mcm mana la ni bedah org yg suda mati..sebab..sy mau tau apa mcm itu kasi potong..sounds creapy?well thats MA job..hahaha

p/s: sy agak terkejut dgn list sy..mcm mau tmbh pla..hehe

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July 4, 2010


ok...i am under spell by this game..
it takes my whole weekend sometimes to play this game..well actually i checked my fb account in between..
but the thing is..i love playing this game and i am not gonna stop! haha...
everyone...come join me! hahhahaha
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i thought i was sick!

on the 28june10..i
had this sakit2 sendi suddenly..then i realize that i went to my niece house last june on 19 till 21...
they all had chikungunya.
.and i'm like
i dont want to be bite by that stupid mosquito here
...but i had no choice..
my blood are very sadap..
all the gatal nyamuk bite me at that time..
n i am praying like heaven not to be infected
ok..that was before..
and then kan..
29june had this sudden timbul rashes on my body
and jonathan like..is it chikungunya had that RASHES?
i said i dont know..
he worried that i might had this DENGUE fever!..OMG
~trus teringat si DIN BERAMBOI!~
tidakk..tidak..sy tidak mau mati lagi
so we went to hosp that nite..
and the doctor told me to ambi darah and check my full blood count
and all of it ARE NORMAL..
i am not sick..
but why did i had the rashes??
so the doc gave me only PARACETAMOL and air garam cause i told him that i had cirit birit..
~bgtu la kalo p klinik kerajaan kan~
and later that day my mum kasi TANGAS(mcm mandi wap) sy.
i feel relief a lil bit.
then kmi blik suda p kolej..too bad i cant manja2 with my mama suda :(
so i thought i am not sick after that visit kan..
but i had no idea why tiba2 lagi i had this blushing bha..merah2 d muka..
adui...not only at my face but also d tangan n my whole body!
and i had this ulcer in my mouth and tongue..
can u imagine how i had a hard time eating?
omg...only god know..
so today..
i decided to go to clinic again..
i wait almost 2hour++
the clinic is hectic with sick people!
n i got to see the doc.
she told me to take blood to check my full blood count..
and again..it is all NORMAL..
she then gave me symptomatic medicine..
that is
but thats not all..
she told me to come tommorow to take blood again n check for ANA N dsDNA
n i had to come there again on 15july
as i look on that form that she gave me..
she suspect me i had this SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMOSUS.
which she kasi pendekkan singkatan TRO SLE
omg...am i that sick..
pray for me guys i am not positive to that
*cross finger*
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