March 28, 2011

day 27: wishes

oh my oh my.
like every common people, i've been daydream since i was in mum's belly.
there's too much wishes.
but wishes that good for me is to have a good life ahead with God guidance. 
but let me tell you a secret.
i am a very forgetful person.
even a person i just met this morning i will forgot easily their name.
i don't know why.
so in case i forgot all my dream, hopes, wishes etc etc.
i compacted it all into one tiny book.
so whenever my wish came true, i just crossed it out.
that's mean i fulfill my dream.

but i do add some in my blog :) here

here it is my little book
life is what you make it, and you make it really happy!

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March 27, 2011

let us all LOL

this is what happen when you really enjoy the show :D

 way to go flirty guy!

you look awesome! bos.
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Happy birthday Jonathan~*

since it his birthday.
i will be the loyal wife to be, 
which i will do all the housework.
 p/s: saya tidak berjaya kasi sama tu saiz :(

don't worry Jonathan.
you will be the king of the day.

happy yappy birthday! :) 
love u soo much!

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March 26, 2011

day 26: your fave cartoon character

i have so many fave cartoon.
one of it is Betty Boop..
yes yes, BOOP-BOOP-a-DOOP!
this cartoon character may not be suitable for underage,
but i love her :) 
she is sexy and amazing, yeah.
i love Helen's voice too :)

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1st contest dari xcyber: pose depan cermin.

hoho..terima kasih kepada pen'tagger eika
hoho...sebenarnya mood saya sangat malas pada hari ini disebabkan sakit pada tonsil
ini bersamaan dengan sukar menelan dan penurunan mood. 
namun begitu, saya melihat gambar-gambar yang telah di ambil oleh saya dan terjumpa sebuah gambar yang 'kick' oleh sebab itu saya telah mengambil keputusan untuk turut serta dalam contest ini :D bahahaha...


1) Terbuka kepada semua warganegara MALAYSIA shj sbb mudah nak bg hadiah
2) Follow blog nih sbb mudah nak tngok kalau de pepe diupdate nanti
3) Buat 1 entry anda join contest ni dengan tajuk "1st Contest Dari xcyber : Pose Depan Cermin"
4) Letak banner picture kat atas kat dlm blog korunk.. x kisah la sidebar ke kat mana ke dan link banner tu ke contest ni
5) Gambar tu mesti la ORIGINAL yg korunk punya k.. x leh main ciplak2 org lain punya..ramai2 ke atau sorang2 ke yg penting anda mesti ada dlm gambar tuh, pic korunk boleh dalam bentuk statik atau terhad hanya 1 gambar SAHAJA
6) Tag 4 org rakan anda yg aktif, pastikan mereka tahu merea diTag
7) Tarikh tutup 11.59PM pada 23 April 2011
8) Pemenang akan dipilih melalui gambar gaya pose paling sempoi/menarik di depan cermin

okeh~ ini gambar dari saya..sedia?ready? go!
gambar ni tidak la sempoi dan menarik tapi mencuit hati. 
untuk maklumat lebih lanjut tentang contest ini, silalah ke link ini. tekan sini
jadi saya tag kawan saya ya :) 
1. marcella
2. eley
3. michelle
4. fay baloche 
sekian dan terima kasih :) 
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March 24, 2011

Day 22 -25

Day 22: your dream house.

i don't have any specific house plan.
but what i dream of my house in future is,
there will be a deck where i can lean on beautiful evening and enjoy the surrounding
perhaps sunset :)
there will be a large lawn which i can see my children playing at the lawn while i enjoying a cup of milo at my deck :)
also where i can grow beautiful flowers and of course cactus at my lawn.
in my house, my decorating will be as simple as i can so that it is not be an eye sore to me or whoever that visit my house.
there will be enough spaces for all my children.
my kitchen must have all the-must-have things so that i can improve my cooking skills,
and oh~ i want to learn to bake cupcake!
i dream of having a space in my room perhaps a small room where i can put all my clothes, bag, heels and not to forget Jonathan things :) you know, like the one where the orang putih have.
that's it, as long as my house fill with the person i love.
my house will be perfect enough to live in.

Day 23: how was your day today?

this suppose to be posted on the 22 March of 2011.
ok let me re-call back what had happened that day.
oh~ i was working. 
evening shift.
it is like usual but, that day i improve myself on stitching. 
not stitch a wool but, kulit manusia. 
yes, in Kepala Batas Penang Hospital
there is a lot of motor vehicle accident cases.
so by any luck, i have to improve my menjahit skill so that in future i will have no more worries on handling like these cases :)
so for the conclusion.
my day is okay hihi.

Day 24: meaning behind your blog name. 

what is my blog name again? 
tick tick my keyboard is clicking?
and my header says 
time is clicking, lets create precious memories.

did you notice my question mark? 
yes i ask my self is it my keyboard is clicking?
no, it is TIME that is clicking. 
so, time is passing us. better we create a precious memories.
that is why i blogging :)
it is because i am a person who simply forget.
because by blogging i can share my memory and at the same time restore my memory not also in my brain but also here: blogspot.

Day 25: things you look forward to
things i look forward to?
a better life, hope and dream. 
that's it :)

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good news!

i've done my JPJ test, and guess what? i PASSED! 

waiting for my new license P yeah.
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March 23, 2011

i am sorry.

i am deeply sorry for not religiously blogging for the past couple days. 
i don't know why but i am too lazy to think of any words to spurge out here.
even my blog challenge being hang up just like that.
i am so so sorry.
for those who sent comment on my chatbox thank you thank you.
for those who tagged me on a post thank you thank you.
if i insist, i will inject some adrenaline into my nerve than i might be back on track.
tapi kalau still masih malas. sakit malas sudah sampai tahap yang sangat kronik. 
again, i say sorry. 

btw, tomorrow i will be having my JPJ test.
wish me luck and all the best. may God bless me. *finger crossed* 
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March 20, 2011

day 21: your pet

honestly. i don't have a pet.
i really want to have one someday, where i will take care of it very dearly.
i have dogs at home but, i didn't take care of it very well. :D bekurap suda.
i do have cats too. 
and chicken? err..not really mine actually.
its my big boss pet. 
it is chicken consider pet? i think no kan? 
because at the end of the day,
bapa saya sembelih tu ayam and kami makan dengan gembira. LOL
ok, since i don't have pet.
i tell you what pet do i want in future.

meenie meenie maini morh...
i like to have German Sherperd Dog breed.
this dog is unique.
its loyal and brave.
but i have to be prepared on every aspect.
and have a 100% commitment. 

ever since i was little i love to have Dachshund breed.

pendek tapi cool! 
and whats more, this is watchdog! same goes german sherperd. 

i love cat too..nah, jadi zoo la rumah saya nanti nie.
but these two i want it someday :)
harap-harap ada orang kasi derma saya yang original breed. LOL :)
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March 19, 2011

day 20: random photo and its description

this is very random.
i open my pictures file.
i close my eyes, press the arrow button and count till thirty.
where i stop i press enter to the specific file contains a million picture.
i open the picture with windows photo viewer and press the right arrow button and count till ten.
and i got this picture :)
hahaha..this picture was taken at my hostel.
we was about to go out to buy my engagement dress.
i feel silly looking at my face.
that girl beside me is gorgeous Ting Ting.
my classmate :)
don't mind that mark on my axilla :D
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March 18, 2011

day19: whats in your make up bag

i am not the kind of person who wears make up at all time.
but i do have some make up in my bag.
just basic and simple make up 
here whats inside:

compact powder is a must.
lipgloss, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, loose powder, concealer, foundation, n etc etc

here is my make up bag look like..keke..
i brought it together to anywhere everywhere.

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March 17, 2011

day 18: a photo of somewhere you have been recently

on 10 to 11th of march.
i went to Langkawi :)
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March 16, 2011

DELAYED: day 13-17

day 13: your footwear collection

currently i am in practical session which we have to turun padang(hospital) where now i am practical at Hospital Kepala Batas Pulau Pinang.
i only brought a pair of work shoes (black shoes) and a pair of selipar jepun. haiya. sory sory :)

day 14: what you have been doing for the past one week.

hurm..past one week erk.
thats mean last 6-12 march isn't it?
ok ok lets see.
on 6-8march i attend disaster drill together with friends at Hospital Yan Kedah. 
on 9 march i had my QTI test and i PASSED~
on 10-11 i went to Langkawi together with DK, Ema n Stacy :)
and on 12 as usual i go to church hehe :) thats all

day 15: photograph of the town you live in.

ok. i am from kota belud. lets see if there any pic from my hometown. *googling mode*

selamat datang ke daerah kelahiran saya
masjid kota belud
buffalo racing

kuda yang popular di kota belud :)

that's it my hometown.
currently i am studying at Alor Setar Kedah. here is some of pic i taken, source from anywhere everywhere :)

itu saja lah :)

day16: tv show that you are currently addicted to.

hurm..i don't usually have time to watch tv. 
but i do have a tv show that i am addicted to. but i don't know if it shown on tv or not.
i love to watch korean movie :)
right now i am watching Dream High and Secret Garden.
before i watched Life Unexpected to the end of season two.
and oh~ i love Vampire Diaries too.
not to forget xoxo Gossip Girl.
yes yes. i am movie holic.

day17: you favourite photo of your friend. 

haiya!! banyak ni gambar yang saya suka..tidak payah la :) hehehehehe

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DELAYED: day 11 - 12

day 11: something you ate today.
i only ate ordinary food today.
which all Malaysian does eat everyday.
for my lunch i ate : rice+fried chicken+salad+tauhu jepun
dinner: rice+fried egg (masak sendiri)
begini lah kehidupan student :)

day 12: photo of the last item you purchased. 

bundle bag
3way bag
  i love this bag cause i can wear it 3 different way. 
and i love blue too :)
yes yes. this tube is cute :) 
i don't even think twice to buy it. 
(sebenarnya kawan saya yang 1st try, tapi disebabkan dia tidak ngam, jadi sy beli)
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i am back on track~

yes! finally i can surf the internet.
jutaan terima kasih kepada lecturer saya kerana menolong saya mengambil dan memberi dengan selamat barang kiriman saya..yeah!

sekarang ni...

30days blog challenge delayed but still proceed :)
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March 13, 2011

hiatus for another 3days!!!!?? :(

i hate to tell you guys about this.
but something really terrible happen to me.
i will not be able to post anything yet for the next 3days because of one silly reason.
jonathan posted me celcom broadband simcard. 
that i was suppose to receive it last thursday.
but because i went to holiday.
i am not able to take it.
so i went to the office this early morning.
and you know what?
tu benda teda~ tiada! tiada! tiada!
sakit jiwa terus.

i don't know who the hell took my sampul surat.
but i am sure as hell fuckin hate that person if i knew who the culprit are.
baru tengah hari tadi one of my junior said. 
ada suda pos sy tu balik.
tidak kah itu bikin panas? 

tapi apa-apa pun.
thanks to marshey sebab kasi pinjam sy beberapa minit ni borotbang dia :) 

:( i miss blogging really badly..
and i want to chat with the other wasabers too 
and and my 30 days blog challenge been delayed dengan sungguh teruknya..haiya!!!!!
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March 9, 2011

hiatus for 3days perhaps.

midterm break is here.
can't I?
i don't care.
i am packing my bag.
 never look back.
and leaving.
with a big smile where sorrows are left behind.
searching for some remedy. 
where i can lean and say "hey, wtf?shut up. i'm in heaven!"
miahaha..sunrise sunrise, sunset sunset.
i adore you.
p/s: 30days blog challenge will be delayed.
i am off to paradise! :)
p/ss: my QTI test is over! waiting for the JPJ test. nyeeehehe..

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day 10: one of your fave photo

i love taking pictures. 
and my loyal model is one and only: Jonathan :)
i am looking forward for DSLR camera and will be love to take any lesson about photography and all.
*finger crossed* 

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March 8, 2011

Happy International Womens Day! yippeee

its march 8! and its Women Day!
thanks for aemy tagged for wasabers. 

a women is the epitome of tenderness, care and wisdom. 
on this Women's Day, i wish all my women/girl friends to have a wonderful time out with your gal pals and enjoy the company of your women friends. 
and while you do so, spare a thought for unfortunate women, who live in tyrannical societies where man override. 

~if women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning~
=Aristotle Onassis=
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day 9: a song to match your mood

its 1:22am 
and currently i am in day 9 for my blog challenge.
a song to match my mood?
what mood i'm facing now?
this song is no match with my mood..but i love to hear and sing em!
enjoy :) hahaha

LOL, i know i know.
but i love this song! haha
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March 7, 2011

day 8: your dream wedding

oh my, i have so many ideas for my wedding.
but what matters is 
jonathan is the one i want to marry 

perfect place
garden wedding i suppose.

i want purple flowers!

some vintage deco perhaps

perfect dress
perfect beverages
 perfect heels

what more? blessings and love from friends and family is the best to endure the happiness and nervousness of the bride-to-be :)

talking bout this..
saya tidak sabar mau khawin!! argh
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