April 27, 2011

sing to me: L.O.V.E Girl!

hello! happy Wednesday :) 
how was your day today? 
mine? ugh. pretty not-so-awesome.
well, started from this Monday, i was assigned to do my practical session at Operation Room at Hosp.Tuanku Fauziah Kangar.
so as much as you know, all the pakar-pakar surgeon do their best to bedah people.
yes, cut here, cut there. 
and as for me, student who suppose to study can't do anything.
we can only watch from far like 1-2 feet away.
because it is sterile procedure. 
and futhermore, we can't sit.
we have to stand up at all time like a drip stand. 
but, it is pretty amazing when you watch live procedure that you might never seen it before.
but yes, it is very tiring. 
i can feel how the surgeon feel when they do their job. 
especially ortho surgeon which tukul-tukul tulang, gerudi, skru and bla bla bla. 
the most simplest procedure i've seen is, remove cataract.

ok enough of my nonsense. 
actually, i was doing my research a few minutes ago.
but then i get the tension around my head so i decided to do my daily blogging :) 
so today is wednesday, so i'm gonna share one song that i am currently hearing now.
kalau tension atau sakit kepala trus sy dengar ni lagu :)

enjoy with me :) 
i bet this song was created by Jung Yong Hwa cause he miss SeoHyun..huaa..
i miss this goguma couple :( 

2 mumblings:

Armstrong said...

Ola ola happy wednesday to you too... my day was fine thank you.

Wow surgery, no blood spilling or splashing around ka LOL. I wonder, how long did you stand for that procedure. Quite long I suppose.

btw,the girl is so cute! :P

gunsirit said...

Hmm nice music but it seems that I cant understand it..ehhe

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