March 3, 2011

day 4: idea for a perfect date

idea for a perfect date. 
hurm.. for me it is such a simple thing. 
what u need for a perfect date is 

::your true partner. your love and all.

if your love towards your partner is true, then whatever your date might be is the perfect thing in the world. 
the place, the appearance, the looks are the subjective factors. it is somewhat insignificance for me. 
the place might be the worst for you which given you nightmare before, but when you are with him/ is satisfaction that you never felt before. its like you winning something jackpot!
the appearance are the most crucial things when it comes for the date you both agreed, but when you see each other it is not the main point on seeing each other, it is how you express how eager you are to see him/her..isn't it?

so..this is my idea for a perfect date hehe :) 

p.s: sebenarnya saya mau kasi masuk mcm tgk wayang, makan sedap2, window shopping, tgk sunset dll..tapi tidak penting tiba2 saya rasa LOL :D

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