March 1, 2011

day 3: my recent activity

ok my recent activity. for today is it? hurmm nothing much. everyday is a routine.

6.45am: woke up late and rushing for work.
7.15am: go to work
8.00am-12.00pm: at the office online-ing and finishing my epidemiology report.
12.00-1.00pm: eat (why took so long ah eating only?biarlah!)
1.00-4.00pm continue online-ing and finished off my report (siap jg assignment sya yeah!)
4.00-4.45pm: briefing from madam Dian about BAKAS. (tidak payahla sy kasi terang boring!)
4.45-5.00pm: waiting for the van to fetch us.
5.15pm: arrived at the hostel
7.45-9.10pm: eat again..haiya..why still took many time to eat ah?biarlah!
9.10pm: mandi..

ok ok..enough..this is too boring. oh mee gosh..what did i do? look like i'm writing a diary huh? hahahaha..biarlah!

i post this early so what?biarlah! hehehe..

2 mumblings:

Dda Ly said...

hehe pendek kate, blog kite, biralah kite nak wat apepon kan kan..:)

keykho said...

dda ly...yeah btul2 :) hehe

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