March 9, 2011

day 10: one of your fave photo

i love taking pictures. 
and my loyal model is one and only: Jonathan :)
i am looking forward for DSLR camera and will be love to take any lesson about photography and all.
*finger crossed* 

4 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

eiiii day10? bukan ko day12 sdh ka moi? ehehehe anyway, i loOike itu pics! hoho...semat eh...mihihi =D

keykho said...

hahha...michelle...baru day10 ni moi...

yippeee...thank you thank you! :)

exyanne said...

Wau.. Photographer oh.. Oi,ba follow ni na..

keykho said...

wah lawa la reks! suda sy follow hehe :)

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