March 1, 2011

day 2: a photo of me and my family.

oh mee gosh! 
i really don't have a photo of me and my whole family.
can i post more than "a" photo?
i just post la kan?hehe

so here is my big and happy family:

my most lovable person, Mama, Bapa n Jonathan

my eldest sister with ariff

my second eldest sister with Baby

my hero from left: adek, yaya,ajie,yayo,azam, baby n ayu.

my 8th nephew ariff with his sister Ayu.
i really wish i can have a photo of my family. 
tapi apa boleh buat..nanti la kami begambar satu family *sinyumm*


2 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

i love the 1st picture! hihi your engagement day ka tu? hehe...ko pun big family pula ni..hoho ramainya budak2...

keykho said...

michelle haha..ya time sy engage la tu knun hehe :)) big kan sngt2 paning jgn sy jadi tukang jaga hahaha

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