March 4, 2011

day 5: when was the last time you did something for 1st time.

last time for the first time?
it might sounds silly but.


while i was practical at Unit Kesihatan Alam Sekitar, which you know about nature stuff, mosquito, food poisoning, the cleanliness of the stall and whatever.
there was this task where to do Aedes Servay. which commonly done by routine of the Penolong Kesihatan Awam (the one who do the Fogging).
well, Aedes Servay is one procedure where the PKA goes to one to one house checking their toilet and surrounding the house if there any living mosquito larvae. (jentik-jentik bha) 
did you know that, if there was any living mosquito larvae you can be FINE up to RM500?

that is where me for the first time taking the mosquito larvae sample. 
hahaha..silly things i know. but a bit proud of it. (wakaka..padahal teteda nie)

that's it. 
first time taking sample of jentik-jentik hidup!

2 mumblings:

Suzan Ok said...

talk 'bout food sis n bro kena cirit-birit ooo....ada pula berita ckp d kk skrg ni byk kolera?? apa komen?

keykho said...

wah..dorg suda p klini ka? tidak tau pla o byk kena kolera.sini saya d kedah komen saya..kena hati2 la kalo mau p makan mana2..tgk bersih atau tidak tu tpt beli makanan.

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