March 5, 2011

day 6: your celebrity crush.

my celebrity crush? tell you the truth i have soo many celebrity crush.
but let me tell you my first celebrity crush. 
it happens when i was in primary school. darjah 3 to be specific. 
do  you remember the song "UP TOWN GIRL", "SEASON IN THE SUN"?
yes yes..those folks are very popular back then :)
i remember when i was in my friends house while watching TV there's this short break before new session and this song "SEASON IN THE SUN" came out, we were like crazy picking which one is ours and pointing at the TV screen and scream 

"ini saya punya!"
"eeeee nick saya punya!"
"jangan kamu ambil si shane!"
"saya si kian, saya mau kahwin si kian!"
"eee suma bidak, si nicky kiut!"
"biar lah kamu..saya si bryan!"
"saya ni nah ni nah, si mark si mark. aduh hensem!"

they really good looking isn't they?hehe

but i  fell in love with Mark Feehily. despite his beautiful eyes. i love to hear his husky voice. i don't care how many people fall for bryan. my eyes still on Mark..chewah! haha.

tengok mata dia!! aduh.

that was back then, now i still like him tough he is not famous anymore. hahaha

at this moment,  i really love to see Jang Geun Suk..he is obnoxcious, loud, cute and you see sendiri lah! you know him? he is the main actor for Marry me Mary. korean drama :) 

hey...close your mouth :) 
he is handsome and adorable. khawin sama saya la jang oppa!! huaaa...

picture source: googling.

2 mumblings:

bukan shapa2 said...

sama la..minat westlife too..espclly bryan..klau korea i lbh suka won bin..kikiki..follow me back yea!!!

keykho said...

yaka? kan..byk suka si bryan masa tu kekekeke

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