March 13, 2011

hiatus for another 3days!!!!?? :(

i hate to tell you guys about this.
but something really terrible happen to me.
i will not be able to post anything yet for the next 3days because of one silly reason.
jonathan posted me celcom broadband simcard. 
that i was suppose to receive it last thursday.
but because i went to holiday.
i am not able to take it.
so i went to the office this early morning.
and you know what?
tu benda teda~ tiada! tiada! tiada!
sakit jiwa terus.

i don't know who the hell took my sampul surat.
but i am sure as hell fuckin hate that person if i knew who the culprit are.
baru tengah hari tadi one of my junior said. 
ada suda pos sy tu balik.
tidak kah itu bikin panas? 

tapi apa-apa pun.
thanks to marshey sebab kasi pinjam sy beberapa minit ni borotbang dia :) 

:( i miss blogging really badly..
and i want to chat with the other wasabers too 
and and my 30 days blog challenge been delayed dengan sungguh teruknya..haiya!!!!!

2 mumblings:

MarsheyElla Saduis said...

U are welkam bebeh... Ko tenang jak..

keykho said...

yeah..marshey penyelamat dunia ehehe

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