March 19, 2011

day 20: random photo and its description

this is very random.
i open my pictures file.
i close my eyes, press the arrow button and count till thirty.
where i stop i press enter to the specific file contains a million picture.
i open the picture with windows photo viewer and press the right arrow button and count till ten.
and i got this picture :)
hahaha..this picture was taken at my hostel.
we was about to go out to buy my engagement dress.
i feel silly looking at my face.
that girl beside me is gorgeous Ting Ting.
my classmate :)
don't mind that mark on my axilla :D

4 mumblings:

Michelle Sung said...

uinnaah lazuuu jga ko ni moi...haha ktggalan dah sa =)

naaah ini baru la random btul2 hehe

keykho said...

sy kasi satu kali ja tu yg dari day 13 pai 17 hari tu sy delayed haha...

tu la bha tpau random trus kuar ni gmbr muka sy yg paling bida..wakakaka

DK Norharlisa said...

pix c kieko yg paling santik baini sm classmate..hahaha

keykho said...

hahahahahahahahah..cis..mengolo ko ahhh

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