March 24, 2011

Day 22 -25

Day 22: your dream house.

i don't have any specific house plan.
but what i dream of my house in future is,
there will be a deck where i can lean on beautiful evening and enjoy the surrounding
perhaps sunset :)
there will be a large lawn which i can see my children playing at the lawn while i enjoying a cup of milo at my deck :)
also where i can grow beautiful flowers and of course cactus at my lawn.
in my house, my decorating will be as simple as i can so that it is not be an eye sore to me or whoever that visit my house.
there will be enough spaces for all my children.
my kitchen must have all the-must-have things so that i can improve my cooking skills,
and oh~ i want to learn to bake cupcake!
i dream of having a space in my room perhaps a small room where i can put all my clothes, bag, heels and not to forget Jonathan things :) you know, like the one where the orang putih have.
that's it, as long as my house fill with the person i love.
my house will be perfect enough to live in.

Day 23: how was your day today?

this suppose to be posted on the 22 March of 2011.
ok let me re-call back what had happened that day.
oh~ i was working. 
evening shift.
it is like usual but, that day i improve myself on stitching. 
not stitch a wool but, kulit manusia. 
yes, in Kepala Batas Penang Hospital
there is a lot of motor vehicle accident cases.
so by any luck, i have to improve my menjahit skill so that in future i will have no more worries on handling like these cases :)
so for the conclusion.
my day is okay hihi.

Day 24: meaning behind your blog name. 

what is my blog name again? 
tick tick my keyboard is clicking?
and my header says 
time is clicking, lets create precious memories.

did you notice my question mark? 
yes i ask my self is it my keyboard is clicking?
no, it is TIME that is clicking. 
so, time is passing us. better we create a precious memories.
that is why i blogging :)
it is because i am a person who simply forget.
because by blogging i can share my memory and at the same time restore my memory not also in my brain but also here: blogspot.

Day 25: things you look forward to
things i look forward to?
a better life, hope and dream. 
that's it :)

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