May 8, 2011

inspire me: mama, you're the greatest woman i've ever know.

when i was a child. 
i always asked myself,
why mama scold me?
why mama go to work?
why mama said we are poor?
why do i need go to school?
why can't i be friend with the boys?
why mama cried?

and as time passes by. 
i grew up to discover the answer each of it every counted days in my life.
mama scold me because she love me more than herself.
mama go to work so that she can buy me a beautiful doll and serve us a lovely dinner everyday. though she know sometimes the food may not enough for her.
mama said we are poor, so that i can learn how to be independent and know how to survive.
mama said i need to go to school so that i can learn and have a wonderful career so that i will not suffer like her. 
( i remember back then, my mama was a cleaner. she came back home late at night and said to me "nak, belajar bagus-bagus. cari kerja yang bagus-bagus. jangan jadi macam mama. mama susah, kesian kamu mama tidak dapat kasi beli buku-buku yang kau mahu." and she cried)
i listen to her and cried too. 
i really want to say that she really gave us a lot more than she think she have. 
why she cried? 
i could not think of any answers since suddenly i miss mama so much right now :'( 

to think of this Mother's Day.
i really hope that i can hug my mama tightly right now. 
but because of the distance. i can only hear her voice through the phone.
mama, i know that you know i love you soo much.
thank you mama for the guidance, love, patience.
without you, i will not be here in this world today. 

so, to all Mama's in the world: 

i love you Mama. Sinah binti Tulis. i love you! 
and to my sisters too. 
Happy Mother's Day dear Nordiana Abdullah and Roslin Dawai. 
you are the greatest mom i've ever know :) 

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eLeY khAzRyn said...

i luv my mum so much!!!!:)

keykho said...

eley :) suda ko ucap ka sama mum ko hehe

Tulisan Dari Manjung said...

Suddenly i feel "like" a sad moment when i read your posting....i can feel what you trying to say.... Nice to read your blog.... i am your follower now... :)

keykho said...

thnk you for the follow :)

yes. i really love if someone can understand what the real meaning of what i want to say. u must have the same feeling with me that is why you can know how i feel hehe :)

Megzy Mezzy said...

huhu...sya pula yang terharu nie taww...hehe..

keykho said...

megzy..amazing kan our mama :)

whywhy said...

Keykho! Jalan-jalan di sini...try to leave a message in your shoutbox but may be my server problem, can't load the content ;). GBU.. :)

keykho said...

hihi :) thank you Ydah..hehehe :) GBU too...nanti sy jalan2 tpt ko k hehehe

Armstrong said...

When I was small, I also had all those questions that you mentioned... But one excluded la which is "why can't i be friend with the boys?" wahahaa.

Ya ya, the whole month is for the mothers out there.

keykho said...

hahahaha!! :) armstrong..normal la kan? hihi

Walk The Talk said...

sedih :(

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