February 2, 2011


i had my undang-undang jalan raya exam via computer..(betul ka nie sy ckp?biarlah)
and i passed! yay....
i've got all right except for five questions.
haha...that's mean i got five wrong dumbass. :/

45 over 50 questions.
well no matter what it is..i am very sure that i'm a bit relief now.
will be proceeding to next level.

tidak sabar mau bawa kereta!!!

I had a very fantastic day today because 

first of all.

i passed the test.


outing with my beloved roomates and Marshey.

i really wish i have a scanner so that i can share pics that taken by Piji.
Piji is really amazheeng! 
he did really good job.
all of us really really pretty.
as a result, we adore all the pics taken by him. #minus the waiter at Pak Hainan restaurant captures#

after makan-makan. 
we split into two groups (how did this happen? IDK)
because of the hyperactive Stacy.
i almost had a lumbago.
but nevermind. 
that doesn't count since i can cuci-cuci mata juga :)

for conclusion.

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