February 14, 2011

from jonathan with love :)

Jonathan msg: Honey, will you marry me? 

and off course what else could I say?

me: Yes I Do Jonathan.

and he replied:



i'm thinking..he already asked this question before and he never finds the word tired about this thing.
and i tell you what..me too never get tired in all these things. instead, i am excited to marry him :)

actually, i want to share this Vday today about how both of us met.
back in those days where love at the first sight i guess? haha
but never mind i will share it next time okay?? *pinky promise*

so people, 
in this beautiful day.
let us love to each other, not to both human o triple human but also to all things surround us.


2 mumblings:

Dazzlyn Kenneddy said...

Keykho happy Valentine's day! have a great day with ur loved one. :)

keykho said...

dazzlyn~ happy valentine day!! hehe..

tidak dpt great day ni with ma love..he is too far away from me :( tiapa la..with frens pun ok hehehehehe

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