February 16, 2011

from sandakan with love

i received a mystery box today which Jonathan already mention it :) 
it might too late for exactly Vday..but who cares? everyday is Vday for me..eseseh.
so guess what i get for my Vday? hahahaha...
although for u might say it is just an ordinary gift.
but for me..it means a lot and super extraordinary!
here..Enjoy ~ LOL hehe :)






 #1: beauty singlet in that lil pic and in this pic i am wearing it hehe..he said..i should wear this and think of him since my hostel is everyday summer day haha.

#2: what Vday without Chocolate..and that Chocolate means nothing if its not BLACK FOREST! 

#3: kata-kata semangat haha. 

#4: and a plastic rose hahaha

#5: that's it..I'm super duper happy!! 

#6: dear Jonathan, i promise i will be your little princess from now on..and be your queen later on :) hahahahaha

7 mumblings:

Tayra said...

so sweet^^
envy wif u n ur loved ones hehehe

keykho said...

tayra :)
haha..no need to envy la..hehe...
one day you might feel like what i feel and maybe ur day might more romantic than u imagine :)

gunsirit said...

Happy V-Day to you...:)

keykho said...

gunsirit... :)

happy Vday to you too~~!

Nina Manson said...


mArMaLaDe said...

sooo sweet! :)

keykho said...

nina and uth :) hehehehee..

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