February 4, 2011


where is my android?

i really need a new handphone..
because my phone camera doesn't function anymore.
and it hell throw away left behind from current technology.
if i have tons of money i would buy something that have function like that above..
to be more specific..i want something up-to-date. 
so that i can update blog without open my lappy.
what more could it be?


money, where are you?!

ini budak sungguh tidak bersyukur!

2 mumblings:

Nina Manson said...

What about go visiting more for extra $$$$.
My angpow money all use to pay hutang oredi. Haha!
Looking forward for more angpow tomorrow!
Have fun!

keykho said...

nina :) haha..thats a very good idea..but too bad..i'm in kedah now..i really wish i know this neighbourhood around..but..uwaaa :(

its ok..collect more more angpow and give me some! hahaha..have fun too girl!

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