February 2, 2011

good luck!

please wish me luck.
i will be attending ujian komputer for undang-undang jalan raya today at 8am.
its 2:58am now, and I still studying undang-undang jalan raya.
I am very nervous now, and I know study late is not acceptable.
but what can I do.
I'm a business woman who always busy. (hahaha)

so please help me just by say a little prayer to encourage me o whatever.

Lord, thank You for all the blessings.

2 mumblings:

whywhy said...

Hahaha..of course sia wish ko luck..org 'degil' mcm ko--yang slalu drive wpun indada lesen--WAJIB lulus exam! Fighting! ;)

keykho said...

haha...Y...lulus jg..terima kasih Tuhan..amen! hehehehe :)

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