February 15, 2011

brazillian wax phew....*cringe* caution:18sx!

i was reading CLEO mag and read one of the article in Feb issue talking about brazillian wax or known as virgin wax..
i know..i was cringing first at the thought of it..haha..
imagining how *arghhh* it was when your pubic hair drag out fiercely!


but after read the article..it is not like what i had imagine which:
---> ur pubic hair still panjang2 and euww...and then they pour out some glue..or gam gajah suddenly some muscle girl come out from nowhere and pull out all the hairy-hairy fren..and me at the top of my voice will scream like never before. LOL

but here is what CLEO mag says:

Unlike leg waxing, pubic hair is trimmed to about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch first before any wax is smeared on. if the length is too short, most salons recommend customers to come back again when it's a little longer. getting the length right is important in keeping the process as pain-free as possible. waxing is not unlike stripping off a Band-Aid *relieve sigh*. the pain felt is only at the initial removal; you get used to it after doing it for a while. certain salons even offer numbing sprays or special wax mixes to ensure more tolerable experience. they also have soothing serums and exfoliators to help you care for your fuzz-free bikini area at home.

CLEO mag also recommend some salons in KL which offer this service:

5123, 2nd floor, Bangsar shopping centre.

28, first floor, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru.
Lot F220B, 1st Floor, 1Utama.

still feeling lost? smooth your feeling after reading this link HERE

like the Brazillian?? try it yourself..Haha

2 mumblings:

Justine Cricks said...

I like what the CLEO mag said about trimming the hair before having a Brazilian wax to help ease the pain. When you trim the hair before a procedure, you allow the cream to work better by permitting it to come into better contact with the skin. And like pulling a strand of hair from your head, pulling it from the tip can be more painful than pulling from the root.

@Justine Cricks

Keykho keikohss said...

ya but i never tried it @_@ sigh you've tried ka justin? hahahaha

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