February 5, 2011

i'm in the mood for Valentine!!!

see my kisses?
no? what? 


oh..its ok..if you couldn't see it that's because that one is for Jonathan :)

my heart swaying.
my lips itchy.
my both hand trembling.
just because i fall in love again.

thanks to Marshey for this capture :)
i don't mind if i post this too early..i'm just too excited.
since me and Jonathan are that sooo far far away.
this is how i express my feeling towards him.
and i really wish we could both be together on Valentine..but nevermind.

i wish all of you had your idea for Valentine.
just please don't go wild and don't go buat anak.

p/s: Jonathan..i love you and always will..ada coklat ka?hehheheheh 

p/ss: nine days to go for Valentine!!

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love love love

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