February 4, 2011

kong hei fat choi..GONG XI FA CHAI

hey hey...kong hei fat choi..kong hei kong hei...
ang pau lai ang pau lai..

its chinese new year, and i am celebrating new year along with my two friends Oyen and Shery here at aunty Tang house..which.
our duty to take care of the house, water the plants and..finish off the food..ups..ok ignore the last thing :)

we lepaking here like it is our house..since aunty Tang leave a note says 'enjoy yourselves', we cannot ignore it and we are enjoying every tiny time we have here till our ass off.
just now we cook something that never came across our mind..hahaha..
which 1st i cook

nasi goreng.

then Oyen takes out chicken from the refrigerator and we start chops chops vegetable and finally we put it on the oven..which finally we have some kind of,

roasted chicken with a lots and lots of vegetable with sprinkle of lemon at the top of it.

suddenly Oyen said..we better have a soup..so she's making the chicken soup. but the funny thing is..the soup is too salty and we decided to put a little tom yam paste on it..and you know what?? its taste more and more MASIN...hahahahhaha..

so the third dishes we have are the chicken tomyam soup kemasinan amat. LOL

but..we do finish the whole food we cook..hehe..

p/s: saya pinjam broadband Shery..jadi nanti lagi sy sambung..hehe..

off to watch movie...yeeehaaa

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