February 28, 2011

Day 1 post: 15 facts about me.

ok, here we go for the Day Uno post. something about me.

1. i can make silly faces, whatever faces. u name it! 
2. i love purple, white and red. 
3. i am the youngest and the manja one in my family
4. i hate it when somebody destroy my mood to sleep.
5. i love Jonathan more than words i can say.
6. i love procrastination. it seems like it was my bad habit.
7. i can belch/sendawa loudly which mr.shinchan think it is cute @_@
8. i love to smell newly washed clothes.
9. i can be very annoying, and sweet at the same time.
10. i have this tiny vein in my nostril which people always misinterpret it is blood.
11. i am a bit reckless in so many things such as when i speak, i don't care if the person feelings i just say whatever i want to say and apologize if i have to.
12. i am pure Dusun but mostly people think i am chinese when they first met me.
13. i am tv-holic. give me chair,pillow, tv with astro channel. i can live throughout the day.
14. i can listen whatever types of music minus bikin sakit telinga song.
15. i love photography. i am looking forward to own all types of camera that i dream. 

i can add a bit more facts about me, since this blog challenge only want 15 then i give you 15. hahaha..padahal saya telah mengambil banyak masa ni utk ni post.. :D

5 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

aaaahhh~~no.7,10,14,kita sama! hoho

keykho said...

wahh!! kta sama ada mcm darah2 d idung...amazing! amazing! mari kt jmpa dan begambar sama2 hahahaha :))

Anonymous said...

~eh...dtg balik!haha~

ahahaha...maybe ko punya ada trang sikit ah? sa x jga trang tpi bnyk smpai d pipi hoho

keykho said...

hahaha! lucu ko kan michelle..

wah byk urat la ko nie kan :) mgkn sbb ko putih bha tu :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...muka ja kali yg putih ni..kulit nipis sikit ba hehe...ba next time kita jumpa2 yamseng d kadai kupi la...ehehe

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