September 2, 2010

need a solace there

what is the most frightening thing in your life?
what would it be if u facing the moment?


gastritis. what is gastritis?
according to Oxford diction..gastritis is the inflammation of the lining of the stomach.
well lets go further..

according to the most useful information-gathering-for-assignment-web..Wikipedia
it is the same..inflammation of the lining of the stomach..the main cause of this are  excessive alcohol consumption or prolonged use of drugs so called NSAIDs..and others causes..(macam buat case study pula). bla bla bla..

so...chronic causes are the infection of bacteria known as Helicobacter Pylori .

well end of the iklan..wanna know more..can see yourself in this site..(hehe..maka pemalas si kiko)..


here's the story begin..

late nite 31th august..i am way too busy finishing my soo last minute assignment (mmg keja last minute slalu).
then at that time la i forgot to eat my dinner..i wanted to but too busy n tired already..and also pemalas!

dkeng and mar cooked me a fried egg...but it is too cute...

can u eat something too precious like this??..this "sorry" thing got a little dirty story behind but not to tell you la...too dirty for someone under age like you..haha!
oh where am i?ooo ya ya...then i forgot to eat la bha kan....

then the next morning..

1st september..
since waking up my stomach already mintapuji..thought that in a while it will end soon..
but the pain aggressively increasing..even i can't stand well..feels like a little dragon waking up and crushing in my little abdomen..oohh!! only God know how I'm in pain..

too hurt to bear the crushing abdomen of that dirty dragon..i force myself to see mr.medicine..thank God Dkeng there by my side..

so seeing mr.medicine relieving the dragon in my stomach since mr.baskopan(hyosine) breakthrough my skin and freely flowing to my little vein..taking time relieving the dragon inside..

but then..i hate this..i had an appointment for Endoscope this 6th september..since the mr.medicine suspect me of having an acute gastritis.


there can this thing happening to me?
i can't really believe this! 
but better do it than leave it isn't it?
but still i am too nervous.. :(

having the experience before doing this to any patient on the future..better let me know how it is feel so that i can comfort people who will doing this mini operation.

in let me feel comfortable please.........

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