September 28, 2010

clean your table as you go.

anywhere anyplace that u stop for a meal..

i don't understand why we Malaysian can't clean up our table after eat. 
imagine one horde people sitting on a table eating and only one cleaner. 
afterward this horde people leave at once leaving behind those messy euw table.
how this one and only cleaner clean up all those things?

actually, i came across this idea while eating at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah cafe where i had been there almost one month now for my practical.
people there (including me) leave the table after finished eating.

my mama once a cleaner. 
she came home with a long sigh on her face (i know how tired she was).
she even once told me there's one harsh customer who mocked her due to late cleaning up the table. 
i know it is her responsibility to clean up those freakin' table, but why must that-so-rude person must mocked her and humiliate her?
when she told us that tragic story..all of us (sisters) are just furious like hell. 
but to think it right now.
we human are just the same. 
all are sinner. think any conclusion of that.
i always remind myself to clean up table if i can.
usually la..because belum sempat kasi bersih suda cleaner datang.
so in that case..i help that cleaner..contoh..tolong pass tu piring dan mangkuk yang telah digunakan.

but i do really hope someday we Malaysian ada maju sikit.
macam orang barat..they clean up their table bha.
once i saw white guy dating with white girl also at McD restaurant. 
eating McD burgers. 
once they done.
i thought they will just leave..but NO..
they clean up their table first and go.
dorang tau bah mana tong sampah.
dorang tau juga tu tray tu tidak payah buang..

see..can you imagine if lots of people like that here in Malaysia?
if there's no kerja kosong for cleaner..
then all those cleaner bole kerja yang baik2 lagi. :)
ada juga kasi naik taraf hidup. bukan saja hidup tapi fikiran.

jadi..RENUNGKAN DAN ang PIKIAQ la sndiri :)

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