September 24, 2010

gift that given to me for my birthday.

oH well!! why on hell should I tell you this???
its been daayyyyysssss before that I should post this :)
but well..kerja! kerja! kerja! 
that is why I've been hiatus for a moment..

actually I didn't even had any idea I want to post about this..
but Kharyati and Amsina (my classmate) gave me something that trigger me to do so.
they gave me a cutie fan for my belated birthday..
see! even the one that is soooooo not close to you, REMEMBER your birthday.

above are the beautiful fan given with smile from amsina n khar

this one..given with friendship from lovely Akeng..i heart this!

this one..haha..can u guess?? of Tikus..given with love..from hensomBoy.

i heart this the most..
we had our most lovable time together 
for celebrating the month of birth 
with a smile that can't be mention with words..
presenting our one and only BUTTON i ever had!


not to forgot the Secret Recipe cake from is soo delicious that we even share it together..sampai kena jilat lagi kotak dia! haha~!

oh well!! there's no present that is worth it than the one that is sincerely given from your heart..this thing that given to me means a lot to me..i know i may not small enough to have soo many kind of gift that i always wish i have one..since dream is never too big..lagipun..manusia ni tamaha i am sooooo thankful that i have this one for me! haha :) 
p/s: happy sabbath!

2 mumblings:

DK Norharlisa said...

lob u more

Nina Manson said...

Happy Belated Birthdayy!!

(I'm a September baby too.. hehe)

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