September 12, 2010

daunting and amazing days!

its 2.35am..still my eyes wide open like little kitty with the booths on spying.
i day today is daunting..cause i sleep like meow and i scratch the pillow like a puppy.
i would be on my bed now if not because of my freaking mind remind me to update my stats on blog..and not to forget facebook.
i am sure that all my fans waiting my most new event going on here.(since mereka d kedah :p) mintapujinyalah!!

actually i would like to post some pics i taken this day..but shit happen.
my loveable DSLR wannabe handphone skip from my grip and clash to the wide open mouth toilet (jgn salah fhm..tiada taik).
and i confidently gulp my hand and catch my beautiful K770i hp.
for sure..lots water swimming to my little chip..and i thought he will end there..mati suda bha.
reach home and dried it with the magical hairdryer..try to reopen is ok..but the camera hang :(
so wait until tomorrow how it is. cross-finger. i hope i should be ok.

but..i day today is amazing..cause of Milla Jovovich catch my eyes with the spinning round 3D absolutely gone amazing (don't mind my language).

hopefully my little angel gonna be fine ok..

atau mungkin beli baru? deiii..banyak la duit ko sana! 

p/s: si mio cumil 

2 mumblings:

Leslie Michael Chang said...

beli DSLR trus! sa plan nex yer baru sa beli. anda bagaimana???? hehe

keykho said...

leslie! hehe..terlalu byk ni angan2 teda duit :(

ok! bgus! beli la..nanti pos byk2 gmbr yg ko tgkp k...i'm waiting for your post about new DSLR! hehe..

thnks for dropping by :)

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