August 11, 2011

parole: bi-atch

before I continue. caution to those who might get heart attack. this post is for those who can endure bitchy, abysmal word.

why the fuck are you such a moron-multi-selfish-bitch?
i don't care you wanna hate me, cause if you do, it doesn't do any harm to me.
in fact..don't you ever realize that everyone here hated you?!
this world ain't just everything about you! 
even the one that you called your BESTFRIEND forever also can't stand how selfish you are!
i bet your siblings also think like that.
cause you are moron pig!
there's so much gossip i heard bout you.
tidak bayar hutang.
terlalu grandiose.
keluarga kaya. (tp bila pertengahan bulan karau mencari duit)
own an i. sland konon.

FUCK off your ass with your own mouth la.
buduh. babi. anjing. sial. kitai. 
suma ko la. 

5 mumblings:

Aki said...

wah... menarik.. ^_^.v.. Kasi kenal sa..

Armstrong said...

Keykho... remind me not to piss you off anytime in the future, okay? ;P jaz kidin.

Hey cheer up yo. Hope you're okay already... Biarla dia tu, dia nda kacau ko ba kan? Kalo ada, just show the finger. Itu ja, nda paya teriak. ;D wakakaa mengajar lagi si Arms tu.

Sasa Tien said...

siapa ka dia??? hint!!!

lilies.john said...

lawala kiko..
sudala anjing, babi lg owh kan..
middle finger in the air trus bah mcm c armstrong bilang.. hahah

keykho said...

reks..nanti sy kasi kenal kalo ko kalo boleh malas bha sy ada connection dgn ni org lagi..ih!

armstrong..still not okay lagi ni...but i believe in day i wish that pig moron will be at the bottom pit of the unknown that this pig will have great lesson..oh! i wish..kalo mau meletup melayang jg tu middle finger..ngahaha

thien...tidak payah la hint..terang2 jg kekeke

kalo bole mau kasi bg ayam lagi tidak mau..mau bg pelacur tp tidak ngam jg...itu la yg sesuai...heh...kin pnas ni benda ni..

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