August 26, 2011

135 and still counting.

what a great number to view.
is it because my post in my blog are interesting or is it because i am that girl who 'was' actively drop by to others blog and hit follow/join and without hesitation asked that person to follow me back ASAP?
whatever it is. i was happy the way i was before. crazy and desperate for increasing the number.
not to squeezing the brain to pour out words to share.

nevertheless, today i wanna share some trip of me with HIM to Langkawi island last June.
late post of it so sorry.

day 1: arrival via boat aka ferry. straight for the car rental site and off we go to Pantai Cenang..weeheee..check in and then off we go again for the beautiful scenery of Langkawi Island at Langkawi Skybridge. round merry round.

whoring with nicole.

putting those P stands for PALUI means that PALUI person are driving this car. haha

enjoying the view at Oriental Village. 

taken by couple tourist from unknown land who kindly help us capture our photo which didn't come out so good. (there were awkwardness inside the gondola since both the tourist had  quick glance to both of us with suspicious look. i think maybe because i'm cute :D ) 

notice my hair swoosh by the freezy breezy wind which makes me wittily makes poses below

iklan rejoice konon! heh.

lovin this picta :)


feels like oversea :D

day 2: woke up late makes us late for the island hoping trip. but thank God there were two trips a day. so we manage to go for island hoping at 2 in the evening. 
alarm buzzing fail makes us late for the island hoping at 9am. so, after breakfast..we had our walk at those white sand Pantai Cenang. hot-sun-looking-face.

checking out white chicks on their bikini's sunbathing for tanned looking suave body with books on their hand. i was hoping that i could join them and had a blast gossip about last night partay. haha

taken with love by me :)

arrival at the Dayang Bunting Island at 2++ pm :)

chubby face.

monkeys everywhere hoping for a food to be offered. 

Pulau Beras Basah. i didn't see any wet rice here though.

when it comes to taking pictures..i think me captured more better with the angle and so on..hahaha kalah jonathan. (except he was more pro with adjusting the exposure bla bla bla) 

monkey rope..uhh uhh ahh ahh..scratch there scratch here. i am monkey d.luffy.

pukulan kidal.

day 3: last day :( jalan-jalan at Pekan Kuah. bought pretty a lot of very murah chocolate and stuff so on. and we had our eagle captured. 

so sad there's no one to help us take picture so we set timer and self captured. there was this picture we had which we want to jump..but the timer are not set well which caught last while we on land time. sob sob. but funny though haha.


that's it. there were lot of picture. but then its gonna take you long time to scroll down those mouse till you see the end of my post. so this was it. my last but not least trip with sinchan.
hoping for another trip in the future. finger crossed. 

hugs n kisses. 

6 mumblings:

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

I want to go there some day :D been there before for "English in Camp" but the weather at that time forbid us from going out of the hotel >.<

keykho said...

aigu! so sad :( but its least u did land your feet at our precious Permata Island :)

lilies.john said...

auww.. kikokokok, the picture turn out so nice!
santik! sy suka gambar ko yg melompat! siuk tingu...
* mo beli DSLR......-_-'

keykho said...

ngihihi...tu la sy pun rasa siuk jg tingu knun sy jd model mintapuji..wakakaka...tiapa pun blum beli dslr :( sabar sabar...ada beberapa bulan lagi keja da kt yeah! hehe

Azura Ani Salaim said...

Atukoiiiii. Syiuk owhhh trip ko. :)

Jalan2 dr blogwalking list. Happy blogging ya.

keykho said...

thank you for dropping by! :)

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