August 18, 2011

heartwithin: Read this.

that is the promise that made by every parents in this world.
though they might not said it to you face to face.
but, can see it right in front of your eyes that may sometimes takes time to understand or you might not understand it at all.
that is the reality.
so who know you better than the one that stalk on you?
understand you than the one that will hunt you down when needed?

Respect your parents because someday, you will be a father/mother too :)

3 mumblings:

Armstrong said...

I love my mum! and grandparents too! They're the ones who took care of me when I was small... sekarang independent suda kunun.

lilies.john said...

betul! :)

keykho said...

:) both armstrong and shery..let us be a good parent ya! :) hihihi

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