July 17, 2011

parole: short post.

"she's a teenage girl Ella, aren't they all moody and unpredictable?"
:::pretty little liars S01E02:::

thank God i'm a young adult. 
which mean i am no longer teenager.
but why am i still moody and unpredictable?


3 mumblings:

Fay Baloche said...

Sia abis tgk suda pretty little liars...mcm agak lame crita dia kan..haha

keykho said...

habis suda ka?? wah...cepat! hehe...ya..agak lame..tp siok jg mau tingu cntik2 baju dorg wakaka..tgk fashion ni ah tujuan haha

Armstrong said...

Perhaps it's because you are in the time of the month?

wakakaaka... jk.

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