July 4, 2010

i thought i was sick!

on the 28june10..i
had this sakit2 sendi suddenly..then i realize that i went to my niece house last june on 19 till 21...
they all had chikungunya.
.and i'm like
i dont want to be bite by that stupid mosquito here
...but i had no choice..
my blood are very sadap..
all the gatal nyamuk bite me at that time..
n i am praying like heaven not to be infected
ok..that was before..
and then kan..
29june had this sudden timbul rashes on my body
and jonathan like..is it chikungunya had that RASHES?
i said i dont know..
he worried that i might had this DENGUE fever!..OMG
~trus teringat si DIN BERAMBOI!~
tidakk..tidak..sy tidak mau mati lagi
so we went to hosp that nite..
and the doctor told me to ambi darah and check my full blood count
and all of it ARE NORMAL..
i am not sick..
but why did i had the rashes??
so the doc gave me only PARACETAMOL and air garam cause i told him that i had cirit birit..
~bgtu la kalo p klinik kerajaan kan~
and later that day my mum kasi TANGAS(mcm mandi wap) sy.
i feel relief a lil bit.
then kmi blik suda p kolej..too bad i cant manja2 with my mama suda :(
so i thought i am not sick after that visit kan..
but i had no idea why tiba2 lagi i had this blushing bha..merah2 d muka..
adui...not only at my face but also d tangan n my whole body!
and i had this ulcer in my mouth and tongue..
can u imagine how i had a hard time eating?
omg...only god know..
so today..
i decided to go to clinic again..
i wait almost 2hour++
the clinic is hectic with sick people!
n i got to see the doc.
she told me to take blood to check my full blood count..
and again..it is all NORMAL..
she then gave me symptomatic medicine..
that is
but thats not all..
she told me to come tommorow to take blood again n check for ANA N dsDNA
n i had to come there again on 15july
as i look on that form that she gave me..
she suspect me i had this SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMOSUS.
which she kasi pendekkan singkatan TRO SLE
omg...am i that sick..
pray for me guys i am not positive to that
*cross finger*

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