July 30, 2010

wishuponthestar ~@

though i may not have the talent to make pic as beautiful as i want it to be..
but i do..i really badly,madly want nikon camera pls.. :(

ok..budget to own this cam are about 3k huh...(just estimated)
100 a month should take me about..lets see...100 x 30months..
fuh...thats another 2 and a half years!!
loan should be the best answer! hahaha...

---->bsyukur la dgn kamera hp 3.2mp.. 

2 mumblings:

Anonymous said...

well sebenarnya ikut model juga tu yg sampai 3k..
hurm dari apa yg saya servay nikon d3000 sana pekan rabu tinggal rm1600++ sija.. and canon 1000d tinggal rm1800 sija skarang.. :)

keykho said...

1ribu pun sy teda o dai :(

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