July 5, 2010

10 reason why i chose MA as a career.

the 10 reason why i chose MA as my future career.
[wpun bukan pilihan pertama dlm kerjaya :(....]

1. gaji besar (bole la cukup makan haha)

2. dapat cucuk org guna jarum..ngeehehe..

3. dapat ubat free..~itu oo kan...~ [yg sebenarnya usha org farmasi minta ubt] :p

4. happy to see people get better after their visit to the hosp.

5. love to see the part that cannot be seen in public *wink* :D

6. proud to show people that i am holding stethoscope (maka budak2 pun pakai2 skrg)

7. i'm surround by great people ( cthnya:doktor ensem..ehem!...people who just recover from huge illnesses..etc)

8. can do my own health examination.

9. dpt tengok DEAD PEOPLE...wahahaha...

10. last but not least...i am looking forward to do post mortem..haha...mcm mana la ni bedah org yg suda mati..sebab..sy mau tau apa mcm itu kasi potong..sounds creapy?well thats MA job..hahaha

p/s: sy agak terkejut dgn list sy..mcm mau tmbh pla..hehe

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Cherrie.Mia said...

best kan ada stethoscope. I am so proud of knowing that I have them last time tapi i quit knowing that I can't handle it anymore better than late.

Bah,ada sdh ko buat post mortem ka?

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