June 11, 2010

butterflies in my stomach rocks!

ok..sy tidak tau apa nie???

i am way too nervous..n i don't know wat to do..
anyway..suda p beli cincin. *smile*
i just heart it..aww.. i never bought emas before..
so ko pikir la macam mana terang bercahayanya la mata sy..
bukan apa..in my religion...its better to live sederhana bha..tula tidak pkai cincin, anting2..blablabla..
so wtv..anyway. thnks to my future fiance hehe..that i just soo grateful that i found him..
that i loved him soo much..i.k ppl might say dat..im engage this too early age of mine...JADI??
its +- 1day left to my engagement..i pray to god that all this will run smoothly as He want it to be..i pray that i have the blessings that i needed much..thank you lord for giving me this blessing..thank you thnk you thnk you...i am so grateful.!
may god bless me :)

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