October 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday

today is Sunday, Sun. 
today the sun rise bright in the sky and its exactly totally hot right now. 
though the sun bright like the smiling sunflower, i am not bright inside.
i woke up this morning with a sigh. 
i sigh because i am a lazy crazy bitzy girlz. 
i suppose to finish my research right at this moment. 
but i cannot help myself doing stuff that not necessary done. 
which made my self guilty as hell. 
i feels like wanna shit around and struck anything that come across me with rivalry stylish hairdo. (weird)
ok straight to the point. 
i am a lazy girl who cannot even think how to finish her job. 
all i could only think right now is watch kevjumba with his hilarious video clip on youtube.
i'm kinda fall in love with him. 
feels like i wanna marry him and papajumba be my father-in-law and i gonna be the daughter-in-law who laugh out loud every single day every single hour without even care with the household or everything. 
at least that was my dream.
so yeah. i keep on dreaming. 
long sigh. 
oh God.
procrastinating is a very bad thing kieko!
wake up. wake up.
i need a slap on my face.
ok ok don't slap me. i slap myself. slap! 

don't be afraid to cry. 

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